The Turquois Topaz Lake, Gardnerville. Nevada

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Quite frankly, Topaz lake is a diamond in the rough, out of nowhere, by the desert but Hampton Inn and Best Western are nearby is a plus for Gardnerville to offer such fun things for local community and tourism. It's a small community with 207 people in population is the charm of Gardnerville.

Isn't that turquoise? The deep blue color of the water is a cool panoramic sight.

Besides dry camping (boondocking), boating, fishing and kayaking are fun things you can do on Topaz lake. Generally in Gardnerville, hiking and horseback riding, even gambling are activities to enjoy. You can drive on highway 89 to the desert area and enjoy Monitor Pass with incredible views of the rugged Sierra mountains.

Owned by Walker River Irrigation District, West Walker River fills up the 2.4 acres with a surprising 92 feet maximum depth of Topaz lake through smaller lakes. Sitting on the border of California-Nevada, Topaz lake or Alkali lake (used to be called) is to employ the water for regional agricultural purposes.






Hike to the rocky hill by the gate and see the 360 degrees of the lake, the fresh air, the bold mountains with it howling sound.

Topaz Lake Community

The first image was taken from the hotel's window where we stayed. It's a nice Best Western with outdoor hot tub. Then we drove around the neighborhood on unpaved road.




West Walker River

We stopped by the river when we drove home. There were not much water flow in early October but the landscape was impressively magnificent. The leaves are changing their colors due to temperature drop as the winter is coming.



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The beauty of Lake Topaz is extraordinary. the color of the lake water and the surrounding scenery amaze me

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