Twin Peaks, San Francisco. Califonia

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It's not an American horror TV drama. Twin Peaks is the place to be for the best views of San Francisco. From nature of ocean by the bay area, skyscrapers of FiDi (Financial district) among other city residential and view of Golden Bridge or distant view of Mount Diablo.

The only thing you have to pick is when to visit during summertime or else you'll only see the upwelling foggy snuggles of San Francisco as you see in all my images.


The Fact Behind The Twin Peaks Name

Twin peaks is well known as two summits with elevation 925 feet high and 200 feet apart from each other, both peaks are fun to hike up to catch the 360 degrees views with gusty wind.
It was in 18th century when Spanish conquistadors called the peaks Los Pechos de la Chola meaning Breasts of the Indian Maiden, then in 19th century San Francisco renamed it to Twin Peaks

Eureka Peak

Eureka Peak is the north side of the peak, you can see two high-rise tower antennas overlooking Eureka Peak, the tallest tower is a private enterprise TV and Radio Sutro Tower and the other is a radio transmission belonging to the Police and Fire Department.





Some people may hike, ride bicycle, ride one-wheel electric unicycle or rent and drive GoCar while some of them just drive in their car.
Try to do fun things while you up there, stand still, then lean against the wind


The Noe Peak

The Noe Peak is the summit South Peak and is actually sitting in the middle in-between Eureka Peak and Christmas Tree Point hill. Christmas Tree Point summit is not as high as the other two peaks.





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