White Sands National Park, New Mexico | Heavenly Enchanting Place

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Who needs snow when you can have "Sands". 145,762 acres of white sands, outwardly all white with pickaboo view of mountains in the horizon with rolling hills.
Yet, the wind creates ripple patterns over the sands, it's just beyond outstanding and magical.


Our Thanksgiving we mostly spend time with family, enjoy the best meal with mango or apple pie. But this time we did something different, we had a road trip to a famous exotic place that I've ever seen.
White Sand National Park located in New Mexico, it took us 17 hours to get there, although we stopped by Las Vegas and spent a night, Petrified National Park in Holbrook, Arizona, then continued to New Mexico.







I was not worry to get splinter when walk over the glistens of sand bare foot, the cold feeling on my feet made me wanted to explore and walk more further to the deep.


Sledding was the most fun in White Sands

At first, my son seemed so lost, didn't like it that much since he may think that's snow. But in the end, he would carried his sled up by himself, sled down again and again among other kids until he got no more energy from the climb up.






The fact about White Sands

According to one website I read, the sand in White Sands is almost pure gypsum. Meaning that the sand will dissolved in water just like salt and sugar. Click the link to find out more about it.



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