Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming | #2

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Hi Everyone, it's me again @lugina. I will bring you to the most incredible place in the United States, Yellowstone National Park.


Excelsior Geyser Crater Trail

Parked at highway 191 and walked down the dirt through the forest as a short cut was the way to get to the Excelsior Geyser Crater, the Midway Geyser Basin in Yellowstone, then cross the bridge of Firehole River.
Indeed a little bit long to walk when you are exhausted from the previous walk, but trust me! You won't feel tired at all with the beauty and glory of Grand Prismatic Spring.



Excelsior Geyser Crater

Walk along the trail, the adventure will start from this beautiful steamy pool to another smaller pool.





Grand Prismatic Spring

This spring is the largest spring in Yellowstone with almost 330 feet diameter and 120 feet deep.



Oval Pool

One of the pools in the trail with oval shape and a pale clear blue water.


Turquoise Pool

Different than other pools in Yellowstone, Turquoise Pool has a significant white ring because it contains different bacteria that transform to it's own beauty.



Black Sand Basin

A few miles away from Excelsior Geyser Crater is also a promising trail with more beauty of nature to explore and feel the mist and smelly air of sulfur from the smoky eruption of the geyser from the small spring pool to the Iron Spring Creek.

Cliff Geyser



Sunset Lake

Located at the end of the trail, although Black Sand Lake looks a bit dull in picture but still offering a magnificent view if you see in person.


This map below is showing around Black Sand Basin only, imagine you walk through every corner. It's a little bit unfortunate for me to skip some of the most famous places in Yellowstone Park, but at least I got the best experience from what I saw.



Old Faithful

Is extraordinary if you visit Yellowstone without waiting 1 - 1.5 hours for Old faithful Geyser to perform its shooting up to 134 feet of boiling water in the air, the "Must See" Old Faithful Geyser will take your time at least an hour to spend around there.


A flat hill of Old Faithful before eruption.


People are enjoying the geyser to my left and right, they don't even remember that Delta Variant is still around. Not even a single one of them was wearing mask or face covering, the only person wearing a mask was myself.
Well, old indeed. I don't mind look weird for my own health.



A giant Bison was walking along the road.



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Boah was ein guter Bericht. Ich bin ja so froh dass ich Dich hier auf der blockchain gesehen, habe. Ich habe mich schon immer dafür interessiert und schon viel gelesen aber das was du innerhalb von 4 - 5 Minuten wieder gibst ist für mich sehr wichtig und Gold wert.

LG Michael


Wow! Look at that. You travel way more than me these days. Very cool. Always wanted to visit Yellow Stone. Keep up the fun blog!

Thank you ..
Can't wait for covid to be over so I can travel more, this time will be to Mongolia and China.
Stay healthy @world-travel-pro

Mongolia and China sound amazing. More places I've never been! It's a big world!

Thanks for the kind words. You and your son stay healthy too! :)