Trip to Kala Bagan in Shivganj

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hello friends hope you all are well alhamdulillah i am also very well from our village there is a city next to that city there is a banana plantation i went there to travel


Where I went to prove there is a very beautiful village with a very beautiful banana plantation

The people of this village are very fond of farming so they have built a large banana plantation and the farmers here earn a lot of money by selling these bananas.




I went to this banana garden in this village and got to know a lot about it. People here are very hardworking and they grow many kinds of vegetables here and they make this banana garden for their livelihood.

There are many farmers in every village who are interested in making money from these vegetables and gardens. I am very happy how beautifully they have made gardens. We have gardens in our area but here there are very few in our villages. Coming to insult, I saw many things here and the farmers here are very good and they like to make gardens according to many rules and here these gardens should be made according to rules.



Today I have presented to you very nicely about the places where I went to travel. Please forgive me if there are any mistakes in it