Flower photography

in CCH4 months ago

Hello friends Assalamu Alaikum,
How are you all I hope you all are very well and with your prayers I am also well.
Of course, you all know that I always come with you with some kind of photography and today I came with you again with some flower photography.


Actually, I like flowers a lot, that's why I share flower photography with you most of the time.


I don't know how you like flower photography, I think you must like photography, if you didn't write well, you wouldn't have supported me so nicely.


Well, the flower photographs that I am going to share with you, these photographs are from my mobile phone and these flowers have just started to bloom from the trees, at that time I am sharing these photographs with you.

If you like it, then you can comment and tell how you liked the flower photography.

The flower photography that I am going to share with you today is the name of the flower is mirabilis jalapa. This flower plant is planted in one place near my house and it has only started blooming from that plant for 2-3 days.



So I thought I'd share these flower photographs with you just to show you how they look when they're blooming.

I am sharing these photographs of him with you, if you like them, then you must share like comment and let me know that everyone will be fine, may Allah Hafez be healthy.