Introducing the CampingClubHive Community (CCH)

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Hello Everyone
Hive is an innovative and forward-looking blockchain and decentralized ecosystem, designed to suit the wide adoption of currencies and platforms. Hive is also positioned to become one of the Web 3.0 blockchains. And now it is used by people all over the world.

Besides that, the hive also has various communities that have been formed at this time. And now hive is very popular in many circles. Even some travelers and photographers have also joined here.

So, on this occasion, I would like to introduce a community that has been formed on the hive. Even though the members of this community are not yet busy. But I am sure that after this announcement many people joined this community.

Well, maybe I just introduce this community to all of you. Below I will describe this community, its founders, and what is in this community.

This community was created by @visionaer3003. The community name is CCH. Well, surely you are curious about what CCH is.

CCH stands for Camping Club Hive. This community focuses on travel content, photography, travel stories, and other things related to your photos and travel experiences.

What content is allowed to be published in the CCH community?

  • In this community, you can share your experiences related to travel, camping, hiking, cycling, photography.
  • Especially for photographic content, you must attach a photo of at least 3 sheets for each published post and the text is at least 200 words.

What content is banned in the CCH community?

  • Not publishing other people's photos and writings
  • Don't write about pornography
  • Not writing that offends others
  • Not publishing political, religious, and racial issues

What are the risks if you commit a violation in the CCH community?

  • We will give you a warning.
  • If you repeat it, our account will be blacklisted in the CCH community.

What's so special about the CCH community?

  • We will have a contest every week with a different theme.

Who is involved in this community?

What contests will be held in this community?

  • challenges of macro photography, landsacape, human interest, and others.
  • Your travel experience

How much is the prize for the winner in the contest that was held?

All contest posts will be checked by @visioner and @ my451r. We will select 3 winners in each contest held. The prizes are 15 Hives for the first winner, 10 Hives for the second winner, and 5 Hives for the third winner. So the total prize that is up for grabs is 30 Hives.

When will the contest start?

The contest will be held on the 4th day after this announcement. Later there will be a special announcement for the contest.

Thus I convey this announcement to all members of the CCH community. Previously, I would like to thank @visioner3003 for giving me the confidence to be involved in the CampingClubHive (CCH) community.

Come on friends, what are you waiting for, let's join us in the CampingClubHive (CCH) community. Click here

I also hope this community gets support from @blocktrades @ocd @acidyo and @trafalgar

Best Regards,
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A very good start, @ my451r I see you have everything under control 😀 👍

Just subscribed, seems so close to my passion since I always camp during my travels :)

Thank you for joining the CCH community. I hope you verry happy in the CCH community..

Sounds like a lot of fun, and it's a great idea. I will come to rob the prize. 😀😀

Apakah Ada tag tertentu

Untuk saat ini belum di tentukan tagarnya.. Cukup posting di komunitas CCH aja.. Tapi kalau untuk kontes, nanti saya akan diskusikan kembali bersama pemilik komunitas cch..apakah harus menggunakan tag tertentu atau tidak..

Nyan bereh bg,,

Neu gabong aju... na tanyoe hinan.. Insya Allah jeut keu raseuki... Meuseu neu tem loen ajukan roneuh sidro teuk nteuk bak po komunitas nyan...

Pat pssi nyan bg...

Lon na di lhokseumawe bang

Mantap bg. Lon di bayu,,sang droe neuh di buloh..😊

Di buloh gampong loem bang...
Jino loen tinggai di lhokseumawe

Haha yok ke discord manteng bg..

Hana loen buka laptop.. Hana lon instal bak hp.. Klak kleuk that notif

Mantap that @my451r. Ini memperluas pilihan konten dan komunitas. Congrad, beuh. Tapi yang nilai reward beu mantap cit, neu peugah bak toke nyan. Beuna delegasi bacut. Nyoe jenis postingan yang panjang lebar sabab jai foto dan artikel.

Terima kasih bang dukungannya..
Siap ta perjuangkan bang...

Good luck with the community, let us know in the incubation channel how it's been evolving from here! Threw this a reblog to get more interested campers to find out! :)

thank you @acidyo ..
will be notifying you of developments in this community in the coming weeks.

Congratulation buddy....
I am very happy finding you as a moderator of this community. I also very excited about contests. Inshallah, we can enjoy here a lot😍😍

Thank you..

You are welcome ☺️☺️

Just discovered this Community when the Community Account visited one of my posts. I just subscribed. Thanks for this space where I can publish my RV travels.

Saya sangat gembira berada di komunitas ini, walaupun saya pendatang baru. Saya menemukan sesuatu yang sangat berbeda. Salam dari Saya @afridany1

Selamat bergabung kawan.. Teruslah berkarya.. Goodluck for you


Many are asking if you have a Discord Server. If so, would love a link I could share! Thank you!

My discord account..
but i'm rarely active
I'm more active in hive blog comments

Thank you my friend. What I was meaning was an actual Discord Group. I call them Servers...

CCH does not have discord servers. If there is something that needs to be discussed, we will write it in the comments column

Thank you! I'll let everyone know!

Good 👍