Beautiful purple flowers

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Hello everyone good evening wherever you are, how are you tonight? Hope you are fine wherever you are.

I am back here and on this occasion I want to show you some beautiful shots of beautiful purple flowers. I found this beautiful flower when I was looking for insects around the weeds and other small bushes. The flower I photographed is a grass flower, the size of the flower is very small. It was so small that I stepped on the tree several times but I couldn't see it, only the leaves were very lush and wide. You could say the leaves are as big as the palm of your hand and the flowers are as big as your little finger. The size comparison is very different.

Even though the flowers are very small, they have a very beautiful color combination so they look charming. These colors are purple and yellow. The same colors are just as bright. Even though the color is bright, it is still not visible at close range. That is the reason this beautiful flower is often overlooked. Even though its flowers are often overlooked, for breeders this grass is their dream grass. Livestock such as sheep really like this grass. They will fight if they encounter this grass.

At first I had a little difficulty photographing it considering its small size coupled with the light breeze. Because of my strong determination to have it and I managed to immortalize it, you can see it directly below👇


Excellent purple flowers

Thank you buddy.

You're welcome

Very amazing looking flower

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