Rainfall and Photographic Traces

in CCH3 months ago

Initially I had a clear plan to immortalize the beauty of the plants behind my house through photography. However, fate said otherwise when the rain suddenly fell heavily, thus stopping my plans. Even though the weather was hampered by unfavorable weather, I didn't want to waste this opportunity.

With unwavering enthusiasm, I decided to continue braving the rain and take photos of purple flowers that looked stunning under the rushing water. The green leaves wet by the afternoon rain are the perfect backdrop to capture the beauty of nature. After feeling satisfied with my catch, I went home full of enthusiasm.

When I got home, my eyes fell on several ornamental plants that seemed a bit forgotten. Even though daily activities take up time, I feel responsible to pay more attention to this plant. With camera in hand, I began photographing every detail that characterized the uniqueness of each plant.

While I recognize that their situation is not perfect, I am committed to taking better care of them in the future. Being busy is often a hindrance, but I try not to use it as an excuse to ignore my ornamental plants which are faithfully around the house. In its flaws, I see an opportunity to add a touch of thoughtfulness and beauty, creating harmony amidst the daily grind.

And sharing photography with you is always fun, guys.


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