Dusk Coffee: A Beautiful Afternoon Story at a Nearby Cafe

in CCH3 months ago

Under the creeping afternoon light, I found myself enjoying the warmth of a cup of coffee, while letting its aroma envelop the entire space around me. In front of me was a plate of appetizing noodles and a plate of tempting martabak with deliciousness in every bite.

This afternoon, I decided to change my daily routine by inserting simple happiness into my busy life. The choice fell on a nearby cafe, a place that offers a calm and warm atmosphere. With a stack of books and a pen as my constant companions, I celebrate this moment as an encounter between myself and the coolness of the twilight.

While enjoying this light dish, I couldn't help but capture this beauty. My cellphone was a silent witness to the happiness that radiated on my face, as the sun slowly set behind the horizon leaving seductive warm colors in the sky.

This is the highlight of my afternoon, where a cup of coffee tells a story, a plate of noodles becomes an introduction to adventure, and a plate of martabak becomes a taste that dives into pleasure. I immortalized all of this in one beautiful story, on the page of my cell phone, as memories engraved in words and pictures that reflect the life that blossoms in every sip and bite.

And sharing photography with you is always fun, guys.