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If there is a company that can make humanoid robots with the features you want, what do you think it would be like? I mean robots that can be produced according to those features by telling their features as if they were ordering a pizza from a pizzeria. Even if these robots were not just programmed machines, they were superhumans who could think, speak and learn. It may sound crazy, but maybe something like this will be possible in the not too distant future. The movie that I am going to introduce to you this evening deals with exactly such a subject.


Our film is shaped around Alma, a lonely and unhappy academician. Alma was asked by a company 'would robots make spouses?' The task of writing a report on the answer to the question is given. In order for her to write this report, an ideal robot is produced for her. But this is such a robot that it is almost no different from a human. And this robot has the image and features of Tomas, Alma's childhood sweetheart.


Alma, starts living with the robot named Tom and the story begins now. Alma, who does not leave her logic aside during their time together, does not show any closeness to Tom. Tom strives in this direction because he is programmed to make Alma happy.
I don't want to give too many spoilers about the movie in case anyone wants to watch it.


The subject of the movie is science fiction, but it can also be called a romantic comedy.
While watching the movie, 'I wonder what the world would be like if this technology was reached?' You can't help but think. In particular, Tom's behavior may leave you in a dilemma about the fact that he is a robot and that he did not act of his own free will.

After this short analysis and introduction, I would like to say the following about the film. It has a really different and interesting subject. Acting is great. It's a movie I can recommend.

You can find the trailer of the movie here.


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