plant flowers in pots Received a gourd tree as a free gift.

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Hello, all lovely friends. From morning until now, which is noon. It was raining and the sky was brown. Of course, with this kind of weather, I could only sit in front of the balcony. And doing a little housework, I sat and thought about what story I should write today. I look at the red flowers Mine immediately gave me an idea. Today I will write about the flower I plant on my house, Anthurium.

The anthurium plant was raised on the second floor of the house and placed on the balcony of the stairs. Now it's starting to sprout. Available in red and light red. I'm thinking of expanding the small tree to plant more.

Besides the beautiful red flowers There are also my other flowers, many of which I planted on the second floor of my house, and took wide-angle photos to show to friends. I have to be careful of my pets. like destroying my trees So of course I thought about making a door for the stairs as well. Galvanized sheets to prevent my pets from destroying these plants. My pets probably think these plants are food lol.

In these flower pots, I used soil that I composted from leaves and banana plants. I fermented it for 2 weeks. When it rotted, I mixed it with soil again and then planted flower plants. And of course in the flower pot. It wasn't just the flower tree I planted, suddenly there was a gourd tree as well. It's grown a lot. I'm trying to raise it to grow along the railing. It is a very beautiful creeper. Wait a little longer. You can pick it up and use it to make delicious soup.


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