Beautiful purple flower

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Hello hive friends,

I am again showing some pictures to present to all my friends, maybe a little different from yesterday because I chose flowers as the main theme on this occasion, which I found on a stretch of sand near the beach. There are these flowers and they grow a lot around there.

As I have seen, this flower is like a trumpet flower, but it is a little smaller and grows in a spreading manner, even though like that we will see its beauty and how it grows well. The flowers are very fresh in the rainy season and have very thick colors so I can enjoy them in several styles.

Listen to the dominant purple color which is the characteristic and charisma of this flower. This flower is even beautiful even though it is still in bloom, but when it blooms it will be more beautiful and have distinctive characteristics. The petals are very thick and strong and you can see directly that they are, but from the perspective I prefer close up and above for the character of the purple flower.

Take picture
Camera:Vivo x60
Edit: Lightroom
Location: Aceh


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