Red flower

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Hello hive friends,

I found a wild flower that was growing very well. This flower grows a little taller compared to some other flowers, but we can see it much better by posting on this blog or community. There are several other types but I chose to post for today's occasion.

I took it close enough so that I could clearly see what it looked like, even though we have seen it many times, this flower is very interesting to review. The dark red color is the characteristic color, the earthy blooms have yellow on the stamens, the fruit itself has a shiny light green color and I can say this is a complete combination.

From some of the pictures I took, of course I have taken better photos even though the background is brighter, but it is more special considering that the flowers that have just bloomed are clearly visible, I can say that this is the time when they bloom in the rainy season.

Take picture
Camera:Vivo x60
Edit: Lightroom
Location: Aceh


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the wildflowers look very beautiful with very bright colors and you took some very detailed shots and they look very interesting and beautiful.

thank you so much brother, this is my first time taking a picture of this flower.