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Hello friends cch..
Good morning and always be enthusiastic about living your days with a beautiful smile in the morning.

On this occasion I will share some photos of our weekend activities by channeling our hobby of fishing at one of the river estuaries which has good fishing spots with a variety of fish.

The morning activity provides color with friends taking part in fishing to enjoy the sensation of striking fish with a fairly decent pull. Even though the fish here are small, the sensation is good enough to release the longing for the hobby of fishing and also the togetherness that forms a small family of fellow anglers.

Water and weather conditions are very supportive and bright to start days filled with smiles. Together with other friends who were present at the beginning of the time and took their respective positions and started playing with fishing rods to attract the attention of the fish.

Sharing a smile in a simple atmosphere like this is a beautiful thing that we can share because every little thing we do will have a big impact on other people and it is the happiness of each other that makes us feel the meaning of happiness.

That's my post on this occasion, I hope you are interested and don't forget to keep my next post story. See you soon
Grateful Thalibul
Thank you


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