The Daily Good Read List (2022-12-17)

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1What you don't know about Spinal cord
by @royalevidence # health, life, science, stemsocial, technology
2A dropout from the "school of life" and streetwise course.
by @humbe # comedyopenmic, gems, lolz, neoxian, proofofbrain
3This Is How HIVE Monetizing Your Content From Day One
by @luckyali # ctp, indiaunited, leofinance, neoxian, piotr
4Back to Activities After Holidays (Camping).
by @rhizkaputri # freewriters, hive-124452, neoxian, proofofbfain, story
5Cellular senescence and longevity
by @apineda # hive-196387, neoxian, palnet, pob, stem
6Need For Speed Unbound is car customization heaven
by @daltono # gaming, needforspeed, nfsunbound, ps5, videogames
7Epic Battles in Diamond Tournaments + EOS Rewards
by @beffeater # pimp, spt, thealliance, thecastle, thgaming
8It's So Hard To Leave You Behind
by @arduilcelebren # fiction, hive-170798, inkwellprompt, theinkwell, writing
9My programming journey #3
by @blacktarri # calculations, english, maths, parenthesis, programing
10Calm - when difficulties arise Esp-Eng
by @liliayjuvenal # calm, emotionalintelligence, emotions, feelings, spanish
11A light philosophical moment to lighten life
by @julianhorack # consciousness, humor, philosophy
12Young Blood - The tale of England's youngest Test match c...
by @talesfrmthecrypt # cricket, england, sports, sportstalksocial, test
13Transforming a simple blouse into a corset blouse / (ENG/...
by @lauracraft # cervantes, creativecoin, needlework, palnet, spanish
14The Best In All Gifts
by @cool08 # creativenonfiction, ctp, hive-170798, proofofbrain, vyb
15Before you head out into the snow this morning
by @hotspotitaly # gems, hive, nature, ocd, sport
16Trump NFT, are these the key to him avoiding bankruptcy o...
by @dadspardan # crypto, etherium, leofinance, nft, trading
17Street photography at night - What I look for on a photo ...
by @alcibiades # belgrade, photography, streetphotography, teamserbia
18Prepping the Paint Job
by @bengy # diy, life, painting, teamaustralia, thealliance
19Journal Vignettes: Remembering How - and Who - We Used to Be
by @denmarkguy # journals, memories, reflection, silverbloggers, writing
20The Transformation of Mr Chop: A Tale of Love and Chops
by @bilpcoinbpc # alienarthive, art, bilpcoin, bpc, hive-158694
by @akinolawilly # cent, hive-engine, neoxian, ocd, palnet
22Crypto Crash - Binance FUD & fear around Crypto Withdrawa...
by @gungunkrishu # binance, crash, crypto, fud, hodl
23Environmental Toxins And The Brain Development
by @emstone # bigbusiness, effectsofmercuryonfetus, effectsofpollutiononmind, environmentaltoxins, hive-122315
24Crypto Nation: A New World and a New Paradigm
by @piensocrates # bilpcoin, bitcoin, crypto, money, nation
25Building a Print On Demand Business - One T-shirt at a Ti...
by @senorcoconut # business, hive, leo, neoxian, proofofbrain
26Who will profit lucratively during the next bull run?
by @asgharali # bull, crypto, hive, hive-engine, investment
27Negative news can impact the cryptocurrency ecosystem badly
by @tfame3865 # creativewriting, cryptocurrency, neoxian, piotr, writing
28This Time Is Different for Crypto
by @mypathtofire # cent, ctp, hive-155221, pob, vyb
29If You Ever Wondered How Depression Feels Like...
by @acesontop # bearmarket, crypto, fuckedup, idiot, vyb
30First Court Case Experience.
by @offia66 # hl-exclusive, hl-w40e3, leofinance, neoxian, writing
31The disappointing food
by @anjitruth101 # cent, food, hive-178265, hive-engine, neoxian
32Court is enough to make people Traumatic
by @arasiko # hl-exclusive, hl-w40e3, neoxian, postingtopics, writing
33My First Time Experience In A Courtroom
by @rubilu # court, hiveghana, hl-exclusive, hl-w40e3, neoxian
34A flame of light in the dark
by @annabeth # bdc, freewriting, ocd, talk, words
35Crypto Twitter on Hive - The Next Disruption we Need
by @uyobong # cryptotwitter, ctp, microblogging, projectblank, threads
36End of the year funfair.
by @lightpen # educators, funfair, ocd, proofofbrain, teachers
37A Cup of Coffee By the Sea
by @ayane-chan # coffee, coffeeshop, hiveph, philippines, photography
38My Awful Experience At Court
by @sammyhive # cent, hive-153850, hl-exclusive, hl-w40e3, neoxian
39A rainy day down at the beach.
by @papilloncharity # action, beach, oceans, photography, rain
40Importance of study models in dentistry.
by @noelyss # cervantes, ciencia, hive-196387, modelo, odontology
41Why Proof of Reserve is failing
by @xuanling11 # analysis, crypto, leo, opinion, trading
42Our nature are very beautiful and our priority to the sav...
by @sujitsawant # amazingnature, hive-141359, nature, ocdc, qurator
43Always Happy to Meet Family whom I don't See a Lot!
by @happycrazycon # ecency, family&friends, feelgood, ocd, weekendexperiences
44Organic method of plant care - My brinjal plant Update
by @semarekha # eco-train, gardening, hive-189641, homesteading, nature
45You don't have to win all the time.
by @blogginggospel # cent, hive-166408, neoxian, proofofbrain, writing
46Dancing House in Prague - coffee with a view over Prague...
by @missdeli # building, city, europe, prague, travel
47The Hidden Onslaught
by @tarazkp # culture, economics, finance, investing, mindset
48Wednesday Walk: feeding stray cats and walking around the...
by @kaminchan # cats, caturday, hive-155530, photography, travel
49The entire city of Da Nang is world cup bananas. I tend...
by @gabe.radke # asean, sports, travel, vietnam, worldcup
50Crochet basics - learn a new skill
by @sayee # craft, crochet, hive-127911, knitting, neoxian

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Thanks for the selection and congratulation to us all. Let's hive on!!!

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Well done to everyone who made it to the list. Cheers to staying motivated folks..⭐🥂