The Daily Good Read List (2022-12-30)

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1A Generative Art Zoology: Abomination in the Antipodes
by @riverflows # alienarthive, art, comedy, generativeart, hiveaustralia
2Trying every PS-Plus Extra game: Stray
by @whoisjohn # games, gaming, playstation, ps-plus, ps4
3Think Splinterlands is Dying? Think Again.
by @crootin # archon, battle, neoxian, oneup, spt
4Basics on Game Play we are planning
by @exiledrealm # exiledrealm, gaming, leofinance, nft, relmlings
5Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild Animation Movie Review
by @hiveloves # anime, cinetv, hive-121744, proofofbrain, review
6Way to Minimalism | The Minimalist: Less Is Now
by @minhajulmredol # minimalism, minimalist-habits, minimalist-lifestyle, minimalist-tips, theminimalist
7Playing and Finally beating Loop Hero, or so I thought.. ...
by @cocacolaron # games, gaming, loophero, spanish, writing
8Rubic Exchange hacked For $1.4 million
by @chekohler # archon, ctp, vyb, waivo, yiyl
by @madridbg # curangel, hive, hive-196387, ocd, science
10Pathophysiology of Parkinson's Disease
by @eni-ola # hive-196387, neoxian, stemgeek, stemgeeks, stemng
11Know the band 6# | Iron Maiden
by @coverineyt # hive-193816, metal, music, pop, rock
12Making The Best Out Of The Last Few Days Before New Year
by @trave160 # gaming, hivegaming, life, newyears, writing
13A look at the top 10 hacks of 2022
by @daje10 # alive, ctp, hive-150329, neoxian, waivio
14Planning Ahead: An Important Part of the Picture is What ...
by @denmarkguy # goals, newyear, planning, resolutions, silverbloggers
15Real Estate 2023 - Understand things are not going to imp...
by @methodofmad # hive-140905, home, proofofbrain, realestate, vyyb
by @vickoly # creativecoin, diyhub, needlework, neoxian, proofofbrain
17Questioning My Leadership Ability: What Others See in Me ...
by @starstrings01 # hive, leadership, neoxian, palnet, proofofbrain
18My childhood at Christmas - Initiative - ESP-ENG
by @lisbethseijas # experiences, kidhoodchristmas, navidadinfantil, spanish, wellness
19Does a chariot have four wheels now? I think I've found t...
by @holoz0r # art, creative, neoxian, paintingwithai, palnet
20My Cub to Lion Road: Full Speed Ahead
by @katerinaramm # brofi, hustler, myleogoals, neoxian, proofofbrain
21Overcoming the Emotional Habit of Hunger
by @emeka4 # emotions, hive-102879, neoxian, proofofbrain, vyb
22XP Pen Deco 3 Graphic Pen Tablet A Self New Year Gift
by @arduilcelebren # gems, gift, hive-148441, modeling, xppen
23The role of investors in the financial system
by @adedayoolumide # economics, neoxian, proofofbrain, vyb, waivio
24My journey and for a moment stopped at a tourist attracti...
by @rhania15 # endofyear, hive-141359, indonesia, journey, travel
25Predictive Analysis: Using SOLANA To Estimate Price Of HIVE
by @iniobong3emm # crypto, hive, neoxian, solana, waivio
26The Home Alone House
by @harveyword # australia, build, lego, photo, photography
27Eggplant and potato curry recipe with rice pumpkin pills ...
by @familicooking1 # cooking, curry, food, foodies, hive-120586
28Alleys Of The Past Part II
by @macchiata # alley, photoblog, photofeed, photography, travel
29The Joy of Children Playing During School Vacation
by @honeyflow # aseanhive, family, hive-141359, neoxian, qurator
30Tikal and the Jaguar and a beer - Memories from the past
by @detlev # america, beer, guatemala, tikal, travel
31What would you change?
by @belemo # crypto, hive, proofofbrain, splinterlands, vyb
32DIY 3D Printed: Folding Adjustable Stand - Various Rescal...
by @mraggaj # 3d, adjustable, diy, printer, stand
33Wednesday Walk: The Last Shopping Haul with My Partner
by @charmingcherry # aseanhive, hiveph, philippines, shopping, wednesdaywalk
34Challenging the MOUNT KINABALU in 2023 again
by @tommyl33 # hive-141359, hive-engine, nature, photography, proof
35Visit to the Oman Snow Park
by @nainaztengra # attraction, children, hive-150329, proofofbrain, snowpark
36Market Friday - Mixed Festival Vibes and Clearance Sale
by @yashny # festival, hive-196308, marketfriday, shopping, xmas
37What should we do in new year?
by @tahastories # goals, happynewyear, hive-174578, newbie, newyear
38Discover the beauty of Mang Den forest in wild orchid season
by @dodovietnam # amazingnature, curation, forest, nature, photography
39A different way of shopping in the villages: Weekly stree...
by @castri-ja # hive-196308, market, neoxian, palnet, walk
402023 is coming with pregnancy/ my year of abundance.
by @adaezeinchrist # hive-153850, hl-exclusive, hl-w42e3, neoxian, newyeargoals
41Friday Poem: I Will Not Cease From Mental Fight XI - Neve...
by @stuartcturnbull # blockchainpoets, fiction, homelessness, silverbloggers, vyb
42Enjoying the Bikang Ambon cake made by my students.
by @maytom # bazaar, bikangambon, cake, foodies, student
432023 Outlook on Leofinance - Achieving a Cub Status
by @zestimony # hive-engine, leo, leofinance, myleogoals, proofofbrain
by @nftfrappe # leofinance, nft, nftshowroom, oneup, splinterlands

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Thanks for including me. I really appreciate it. I put a good bit of thought and research into my post and it's nice to be recognized.

congratulations to all, thanks for the support

These are top-notch content and I'm excited to see mine among them.


Thank you for including my post in your daily good reading list. happy new year :)

Thank you for selecting and featuring on of my posts =)

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Awesome selection . Thanks for selecting my post as part of it . Cheers !

Thanks for your support on my post about Tikal and the Jaguar and a beer - Memories from the past and my trip to this extraordinary place.

Thanks for supporting us in this special way. We really do appreciate it.

Hello everyone, thanks for all the support!

Apologies for the holiday break, I was unable to operate HieHealth due to several factors. Don't worry, I'll be working with our core dev @\avid.serosik on a big update by next year to make the whole process easier and faster. ;)