🎄Christmas Dancing!💃

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Got a bit of a treat for you today, so sit back and take 15 minutes to get into some cuteness and holiday spirit! The princesses (@lunamoon, @khaldeesi & @freyamber) all star in this lovely 7 piece show. The dance hall has decided for the second year in a row, to put on a preliminary recital for Christmas. It is not as lengthy and intricate as the Mother's Day grandeur and is designed more for fun and practice, but it is still a joy to watch and enjoy their pajama party progress.


So what did you think? I'm a huge fan of Tchaikovsky's 'The Nutcracker' music and originally, that was designed as a ballet. So, seeing a few pieces with my girls dancing to it is like one of those lovely dreams you don't want to wake up from. Now, go spread some holiday cheer and good tidings and REMEMBER TO BE YOU! I always am, even with two left feet.

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Wanna find me on that other shit?

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This really made my day, I didn't just enjoy it alone.

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for watching and glad you liked it.

OMG... That was AMAZING 😍

The Nutcracker music is a favorite and to see your Girls dance like that was a joy 💕💕💕
They are so adorable and they dans like Angels, understand why you don’t want to wake up 😁 lol
That was beautiful, Thank you for sharing and I already watched it twice...

Much love 🤗😍🥰😘💋❤️🤗

Great dream huh? Love you too thanks for checking it out and seeing what I get to see every week.

Adorable, any of the girls beginning to aspire a career in interpretive dance; ballet, ballroom, theater, Mixed Martial Arts?

!LOLZ The martial arts. You know it mama.

I just can't believe I forgot to go to the Gym again yesterday.
That's six years in a row now.

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That’s freaking awesome brother. Unfortunately my Christmas spirit was stripped from me by 6” of water bubbling up from the floor in my shop. Thousands of dollars destroyed.

Ya I saw. Sucks shit man. The furnace too? Garage salvageable?

I loved all the performances but Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was such a sweet performance.
Thank you for sharing your video here!
Have a great day!

Anytime, Merry Christmas bro!


Merry Christmas, my friend, to you and your family!

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