Hive Stock Images - Flowers, Leaf and dew drops.

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Today i am here with new stock photography for hivers in which i will share different macro pictures of many natural things like flowers, leaf and dew drops that are fallen on the leaf. today i went to garden for some beautiful photography with my cousin Zohaib. Hope everyone like my photography.

Camera and Picture detail.

make: Oneplus
Model: 1+5
Lens: External macro lens.
Editing Tool: Snapseed 2.0
Location: Pakistan.












For better quality i use Adobe Photoshop 2016 and Sanpseed 2.0 for adding some colour and some HDR details in my photographs. Thanks to all hive user for watching my Insects Photography blog @amnamhr.


These are really great images! I love the dew drops and the macro of the yellow flower.

Thanks for sharing ~

Love the dew drops. Such amazing photos. Thanks for sharing

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Very nice images. Congrats and thank you for sharing. 📷 👏 😎

Just amazing 👏 😍