Tripod Mounted Camera

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A tripod-mounted camera was the subject of my shoot today for my contribution to #hivestockimages.

I took this photo a few days ago on a beach in my city. I purposely borrowed my friend @vannour camera and tripod to make it the subject of my photo shoot. The clear clouds and the sound of the waves inspired me to take some pictures.




#camera #tripod #photography #technology #cloud #sea #beach #background #wallpaper

Flash usedNo
Focal length5 mm
Exposure time1/1145 s
LocationLhokseumawe, Aceh
Taken byNailul Munar (@bantamuda)

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When we first started this community people were asking for images that represented photography, which this certainly does. I don't see any brand names on the camera, either, which is perfect, because we often have to reject photos of cameras for those brand names being visible.

My only criticism is that you don't have the tag #photography in the post, which I believe should be the most important one. 🙂

Thank you, friends, for the criticism and input. I will edit my post soon. Thank you very much. Have a nice day. 😀

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