three kinds of spoons with batik cloth background

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Hey everyone, to the anti-heritage warriors!
So today's opportunity is my humble contribution to share about my discovery while I was on vacation to the beach near my village. Hopefully today all of you are enthusiastic at work and don't forget to pray that you are all given health by the creator and all the affairs that are being faced are launched.

spoon with a batik cloth background, a night accompanied by heavy rain, the mind is getting bored, and trying to continue working with simple things that I can easily find when I can't leave the house, my stomach suddenly feels hungry, I go straight to the kitchen , saw the spoon holder and a few spoons that were still left in the bottle, immediately the brain immediately came up with a brilliant idea, tried in several places the results were not very good, because the floor of my house was too shiny so the lighting glared at the camera, so I tried it with a background the back of a plain white cloth, even then I didn't get the results I wanted, I saw a pile of cloth that had just been rubbed, I immediately took a brown batik cloth, this experiment was a success, I got the picture that I wanted, a shiny spoon with a dark cloth background, it is very very good, I am very satisfied with my drawing a tonight.

This is all I can show you all, hopefully it can provide a new experience for all of you in terms of being creative in a simple image.