Nearby is Best 📸 Pencil and Sharpener ✏️

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Hello beautiful people, welcome once again to this stock image tour, and this time I want to share five pencil and pencil sharpener images. I am doing different tests with mirror and laptop screen to create the effect of the background of the objects. I know that this will not be the first time that I will upload this kind of images, I want to make different concepts with this style of reflection and background with the mirror.

I will start with these 5 images that I have been able to rescue for the quality and the colors. But I promise I will bring many more, I just need a couple of days and even bring you a tutorial for those who want to do it at home and take good pictures with your cell phone.

Without further ado, enjoy.






Love, Johnny

The pictures were taken with my Xiaomi Redmi9C smartphone.




I like the ideas and layout you have here. Have you read the latest update on how we're moving forward with Stock Images? I'll add the links for you:

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