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Hello everyone in this community, hope you are always healthy and happy...

My post this time is about some of the animals that I managed to take pictures of in the location where I live. Some of the animals I mean range from grasshoppers, ant, spiders, bugs, beetles, butterflies and other types of insects.

As for physically, some of the animals I mean have bright and dark colors. But I took everything in the morning when I was going to my place of activity. And I took all of them with a macro lens.

Here are some pictures that I will share with hivestockimages. Hope it is useful...

CameraRedmi Note 5
LensApexel Macro 12.5/ Modified

Thank you for your support...


Hey, what beautiful images. I really love this work and congratulate you on how good you are at this. As always, you don't leave bad in this kind of content and that makes me very happy. I love the pictures in this series, especially number 5. Thanks friend for this series.

Thank you for your support, and I hope I can always give the best for this community...