Colorful spools of sewing thread

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Good morning friends hive all.
Sewing has become a familiar thing for everyone, but not everyone knows the meaning and significance of each process. Maybe only a few people know the things in my post, especially tailors.

This is the thread on the sewing machine which is located at the bottom of the sewing machine.
Where I live, the spool itself is usually called a skoci, how about in your area, is it the same? There are various colors of yarn that I collected to show you. All of these colors are used as needed or matched with the color of the clothes to be sewn, or according to taste as a motif.
This skein of thread is used for the bottom thread of the seam, as a complement to other threads so that the stitch can be completed.

For some people sewing is a part of their life. Starting from earning a living or has become a habit that has been considered a hobby that cannot be separated from his daily life.
Neat and untidy spools of twisted threads indicate one's mood when doing this one job, maybe. Haha










So long ago my post this time, see you again.


We call this type of spool a bobbin. I knew about these at a very young age due to growing up with a mother whom is a seamstress. In my adult age I now have a special appreciation for these types of supplies. It’s great you used a variety of colors for these shots :)

Thank you for your appreciation, I'm glad that you found out about the content of my post. Honestly, that's very hard for me to explain.

You’re welcome ;)