Lifeboat and boat bottom of sewing machine

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Hello friends of the stockimage community, today I want to show you some important things that are often used in sewing places.
Sewing has become a familiar thing for everyone. but not everyone knows the parts of sewing. Even though there are many people who almost every day deal with sewing, such as sewing, pants, and various other clothes, but do not know the process and function of this part of sewing.

Now this is the home of the thread spool on the sewing machine which is located at the bottom of the sewing machine.



Where I live this thread spool itself is usually called a boat from a sewing machine lifeboat, how about in your area, is it the same? The shape is not much different, round and in the middle there is a handle to hold the lifeboat/spool of sewing thread. Although the shape is the same, the outside is like a small plate attached to the outside, used according to need or matched with the type of machine used for sewing.



As for the thread itself, it is used to roll the thread under the seam, then the depth of the boat is inserted as a complement to the sewing part itself.
So this is the form of the collaboration between the boat and the lifeboat.


This is the stretching of the thread from the bottom of the lifeboat which is then pulled up until it is visible.

That's enough for my first post about the house of thread spools / lifeboats, I hope you are entertained.


Here you can see some of the lifeboats and boats that I collected.



See you in my latest post



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