Announcing MonsterMarket dCity Marketplace


We are very glad to announce that MonsterMarket is launching a dCity (@dcitygame) marketplace.

If you do not know what is dCity, it is a city simulator game built on top of Hive Blockchain and Hive-Engine NFT contract. The game has become a hit in recent times. if you haven't checked it out, please do.



  • Three interfaces - Marketplace, Collection, and Sales management
  • Filter by editions, cards type, and background on all interfaces
  • Search feature with auto-complete on all interfaces
  • Transfer, Sell, Buy, Change Price, and Cancel sale feature
  • Hive Keychain and Hivesigner support
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Super fast load time

How To Use


On the homepage, you'll be greeted with all the cards available for sale. The marketplace has a familiar MM Splinterlands market look and feels with some new additions which might be available on the Splinterlands marketplace soon. So, you are getting a first look at the upcoming MM website on this dCity market. :)


Here I am buying a card. I searched for Basic Home at the same time filtered for 1st Edition cards. I clicked on the Card, and all the available Basic Homes for sale were loaded. I wanted to buy it with SWAP.HIVE, so I filtered the cards for sales for SWAP.HIVE. I selected the cheapest one, and it got added to my Action Queue. The website determined I can Buy the card, so it enabled me the option to Buy. I clicked the Buy button another popup with my balance and shopping basket summary showed up and paid using Hive Keychain. If I was using it from mobile, I could have also paid using Hivesigner.


Now on my Collection interface, I can select the card, and list it for sale, or transfer it to another player. Let's list it and a few other cards for sale all at once.


I am selling all these cards for 2 SWAP.HIVE each. I click sell, confirm on Hive Keychain and I am done.


On my On market interface, I have all those cards I have listed for sale a few seconds go. I selected all of them and wanted to change the price.


So, I changed all of their prices in one go. If I wanted to sell one of them for another token, I needed to cancel sell and re-list them for that token.

This was the basic overview of all the interfaces of our newest dCity marketplace.


  • Why should we use MM dCity market?
    It has a familiar and user-friendly web interface. You are also supporting the development of this marketplace and the Splinterlands marketplace.

  • What is the fee set for selling cards?
    The default fee is 5%

  • Which tokens are supported for listing cards for sale?
    You can list a card for sale for - SIM, SWAP.HIVE, NEOXAG, and DEC. Please contact us if you want us to add other tokens.

  • Is there a cash back for purchases like on the Splinterlands market?
    No, there is no cashback.

If you have any suggestions or there is a problem please reach out to us in Discord.

We are running a Hive Witness as @BDCommunity.

Please vote for @BDCommunity as a witness.


Great work bro. Cheers!

Thanks bro. :)

Nice idea, have you thought of adding a leasing feature? I have no idea if it is possible :)

Leasing would be possible when dCity enables cards delegation but there are a lot of complexities involved.

this is indeed user friendly

thank you :)

Amazing! Way more user friendly than original in game market

This was needed badly!
Great job!

I felt the same way. Glad that you liked it. :)

Convenient - I liked it!
But I would make smaller squares.

@reazuliqbal - Bro I also felt the same. I was about to give that as a suggestion. Smaller squares would have a better look. Also, you can have more than 3 items in the deck if the cards are smaller. Would be user friendly.

Yeah bro I have looked into it a bit. I wasn't happy with how it looks, it looks very disproportionate.

Okay bro. 👍

Thanks for the suggestion. :)

Great job guys, congrats! we've featured this news in State of the dApps | Issue #6 🔥

Thanks a bunch!