Development Update - Market History and Market Usage Tools


Greetings Splinterlands Warriors! It's been a long time since we have posted a development update. We haven't posted as much because most of the developments were in the backend and only for performance optimization. Recently we have developed some awesome tools and made updates to the existing tools! :)

Market Transactions History


I have received countless requests from regular MonsterMaker users to give them a tool to check/verify and keep track of their recent sales and spendings. This tool is not new from MM, but was available on Splinterlands main website for a while. But we have made more information available for the users.

It will show cards name, ID, level, BCX, card's image, transaction ID, buyer, seller, estimated cashback if the buyer used MonsterMarket.

Market Usage Data


This is MonsterMarket's in-house tool. It shows market usage for 3 of the most prominent Splinterlands markets - @splinterlands, @monstermarket, and @peakmonsters.

The tool has two sections - in the first one, it shows the daily USD transaction volume for each market in a graph.


The second section shows a table with the last 30 days worth of data for each market. Data includes cards sold, USD volume, DEC volume, and revenue generated by the market. In the case of MonsterMarket, we share 60% of the revenue with the buyer instantly.

If you run a market and want your data to be presented here, please contact us on our Discord.

Existing Tools Update

As we are now operating on Hive Blockchain and to keep up with the new developments of Splinterlands, our tools also needed to be updated.

From the Analyze Openings and Cost Estimator, we have removed STEEM and SBD, it will only show USD and DEC cost/value.

Price History tool will give you an option to view 30 days, 60 days, and 180 days price history for a card. previously it was only 30 days.

Analyze Rewards tool received a lot of bug fixes which were reported by @byzantinist and @simplymike.

Website Update

We have updated a lot of text copies of the website to better reflect the current operating conditions, also updated visuals for the Starter Packs and Booster Packs page.

In Card's modal, we are showing fees for every card as all users now can list cards for lower than the standard market fee of 5%.

Thank you for being with MonsterMarket! :)

Why use

We are sharing 60% our revenue from the card sales with the buyers. All cashbacks are instant. You don't have to wait or purchase a set amount to get better cashbacks.

If you have any suggestions or there is a problem please reach out to us in Discord.

We are running a Hive Witness as @BDCommunity.

Please vote for @BDCommunity as a witness.

Too bad that @Monstermarket and @Peakmonsters are with less volume than in-game market. They both offer more useful tools necessary for trading. That trading history, that renting market, they standout.
Maybe information is not getting in the right places. Or they might be hopeless traders? Or we are dumb for trying so hard? Who can tell us?

With increased player base we might see a lot of usage of all the market interfaces.

Wonderful website and hope to see more features soon :) All the best

We are working on some new tools and features! ;)

:) Cool!

Thanks for the update, will there be an option to filter the items sold by a specific seller. Or is there a way for me to see all the items that I have on the market.

Hi, in our current market setup filtering market items by seller would be highly inefficient but we are addiing it to our todo list, may be we can provide another way separate from the market.