Hive is on FIRE! Building Solid Market Structure, Technically and Fundamentally

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Hello everyone and welcome back to a mid week update from Coin Logic TV!

Today it's all about HIVE! Hive is on FIRE at over 20% rise over the last 24 hrs and hitting new all time highs over $1.54!

The entire community is pumped!

But this doesn't just look like our normal monthly pumps that we tend to see come out of the Korean exchanges one a month or so... This is something different!

We broke out of a solid cup and handle pattern on the daily time frame and hit the target! Looking for a pull back but to make the 1.05-1.20 range as support and keep it going from there!

Hive is building some solid market structure at these levels and it is beautiful to see it respecting the uptrend!

I share my love affair with the Hive blockchain and everything we have building on it and why I feel it is the best blockchain out there next to Bitcoin!

Check out the Hive market information and charts at:

FInd out more about the Hive blockchain at

And join our brand new finance community built on Hive with chat and posting features, which leads you to which is where these videos will be posted! We will be using this as the main communications portal for our Finance investing club and DAOs, so you may want to check out getting your own Hive account, unless you are watching on, then you already know what's up!

Nothing we say is financial advise. This is for educational and recreational purposes only! Stay safe in these volitile markets and don't get rekt!

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