Do you love Badges?

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Morning everyone,


Do you love Badges? If you are a member of Click Track Profit) I already know you love badges. Us CTP members that regularly surf traffic exchanges, we find lots of badges. Well I have a badge for you!

A badge that can be displayed on your Peakd profile.

YES. Our Curation Trail badge was approved yesterday.


As you can see I now have three badges, 3Speak, I Am Alive Challenge and our Curation Trail badge. I cannot tell you how overly excited I am about this. I hope people understand the amount of time and effort that goes into our Hive and CTP business and I Am Alive Challenge (Shout out: @flaxz).

I hope this helps show how serious we all are in helping you do better on the block chain. So please read all about the Curation Trail. Consider joining the trail. Follow the @badge-676767 account and I will award you, your very own badge that will be displayed on your peakd profile page.


Yes I am that excited. I am pumped for the future of the blockchain, CTP and the I Am Alive Challenge (they got their badge yesterday also).

I would be amiss if I did not check and report where I am on my Dolphin status for the end of the year.

I need to average 19.3511675676 HP a day for the next 185 days. It seems to be pretty constant over the last week.


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Have a great day all.



Congratulations on badge approval.

Thanks for joining the trail. I have you set up to receive an auto vote from me every day and thus the trail will follow. Please spread the word.


The badges are awesome. I do think that quickly this will become a huge thing, so it doesn’t hurt to be early!

Thanks. I hope so.

Badges!!! 'Course I love badges 😍😍😍 woohoo!!! Congratulations! Let's keep growing while helping one another 😉👍

Nice to see Curation Trail badge under my PeakD username!
Thanks, Bradley!

Thank you for being thankful ;)

Yes we love badges Bradley, big congratulations to the Curation Trail, and keep up your awesome work.

You also my friend 😉


Those damn badges they are everywhere.
Nice you got your approval.

It's great the approval finally came through, I know you have been waiting for a while.

Thanks, ya it is fantastic