For the participants of the CTP Power Up Challenge: chance to win a gold NFT !

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If you have taken part in the 6th edition of the CTP power up challenge, you have now the chance to win an additional CTPSB Gold NFT. The 3rd placed in the challenge @wazock has decided that he would put his prize back into the pool.


So I thought that the best way to that would be to make a little contest among all the participants of the challenge.

Who can take part?

Everybody who was ranked in the CTP power up challenge and had staked at least 100 CTP tokens, namely the following people:

How to take part?

Simply write a comment below this post with your Wax username. If you have no Wax account yet, you can create a free one here

On Tuesday 30th of August at 11h00 CET, I will then pull one person randomly as the winner of the Gold NFT. You need to enter your comment before that!

What's the use of these NFT's

The Silver and Gold NFT's can be blended. You need 2 Silver NFT's to get one Gold NFT and 5 Gold NFT's to get one collector NFT. If you own one collector NFT you will get weekly payouts in the form of CTPSB tokens.

Learn more about it here

Learn more about the CTP Swarm Booster:


Good luck to all \m/


Thanks for providing the prize :-)


The contest is open only for people who took part in the CTP power up challenge. Sorry about that

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Nice! wallet: auox2.wam


Entry 17


Entry 15


Entry 1


Entry 2

 5 months ago  

WAX Account Name: awxbc.wam

Entry 3


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Entry 16



Entry 4

Here's my WAX account name: 3vdaw.wam

Entry 5


Entry 6


Thank you lots!

Entry 7


Many thanks for your efforts 🙏🏼

Entry 8

Consider me in

Entry 9

Thanks for offering the contest.

Entry 10


That is very generous of @wazock

My wax address is n4dmw.c.wam

Entry 12


WAX account name: m.uba.wam

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Entry 14


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