How the CTPSB project supports the CTP community

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I believe that the CTPSB project has played a major role in helping the community to grow their hive power. In the video I show you how people have profited from its support and what you can do to be supported as well...

One thing I forgot to mention in the video: An additional condition to be supported by the project is that your posts have a minimum quality standard. What do I mean about that is that your posts don't consist only of one picture and 3 words, that it's not just copy pastes from other posts, even if it's your own.

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Thanks for sharing!
I didn't know about the project so it's all new to me. Still, very interesting.
I might grab myself a couple of those CTPSB tokens

It's certainly not a bad idea to own some CTPSB tokens :-). It's backed by Hive Power and grows organically at a rate of about 20% APR.

Ok, very cool. I've already made a habit to use CTP tags so that part is covered. So next up, those CTPSB tokens. Thanks again!

For clarification, by owning CTPSB tokens, you become part owner of the hive power on the @ctpsb account. Owning the tokens however doesn't get you an advantage for getting support by ctpsb. There it's the CTP richlist that matters. Maybe check the following video, if you want to learn more about it:

I see. Will check the video, cheers!

Thanks for the update @achim03.
I do get regular votes from @ctpsb and that's awesome.


I think it's definitely nice to get these votes :-)

@ctpsb! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @imfarhad. (1/1)

@ctpsb! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @imfarhad. (1/20)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

CTSB is one of the most sustainable support projects of Hive I've ever seen. We owe you many thanks for all your contributions ✌🏼

Thanks a lot for your kind words. I think CTPSB is doing pretty well :-)

Great work. Thanks for running this project ☺️

You are welcome. Thanks for your support!

Awww... I only got around 100 CTP staked on HE... What a pity 😢 !PIZZA !PGM !CTP

Well you might need a bit more CTP staked :-). But hey it's a start!

Sent 0.1 PGM - 0.1 LVL- 1 STARBITS - 0.05 DEC - 15 SBT - 0.1 THG - tokens to @cpol

remaining commands 3


The tokens that the command sends are: 0.1 PGM-0.1 LVL-0.1 THGAMING-0.05 DEC-15 SBT-1 STARBITS-[0.00000001 BTC (SWAP.BTC) only if you have 2500 PGM in stake or more ]

5000 PGM IN STAKE = 2x rewards!

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Support the curation account @ pgm-curator with a delegation 10 HP - 50 HP - 100 HP - 500 HP - 1000 HP

Get potential votes from @ pgm-curator by paying in PGM, here is a guide

I'm a bot, if you want a hand ask @ zottone444

Thanks. I am not sure if I am safe with like 6.4k staked but I got a few thousand waiting for the next CTPSB staking event.

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Last time I made the ranking about 5.3k was necessary to be in the top 50. I don't think that there are more active ctp posters than two months ago.


I gifted $PIZZA slices here:
@cpol(3/15) tipped @ctpsb (x1)
imfarhad tipped ctpsb (x1)

Please vote for pizza.witness!

Nice to hear you again! One question: how much CTP stake is needed to be considered to be supported by the @ctpsb project? "Nice stake" is very generic :)

I update the ranking about every second month. Last time in september, about 5300 CTP tokens were required to be in the top 50. This can however differ according to whether people produce posts or not. In a nutshell, I take the CTP richlist and I check for every user whether he produced posts with #CTP in the last 3 weeks. If not they are not in the ranking.

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @mypathtofire ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at