HivePay 2.0 w/ SWAP

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We're excited about this one :)

Earlier this evening we launched HivePay v2.0 and just wanted to go over a few of the new features of the service. We think you are going to fall in love with them and can't wait to see more people adopting and integrating HivePay in all their online businesses.

Subscriptions Added

You can now add subscriptions payments to your checkout pages. Currently, we have the ability of adding both HIVE and HBD to check out, with the hope that Hive Engine will add the ability for subscriptions in the future as well.

However right now, you can easily set up subscriptions and manage any that you start as well!


All Processes Are On One Page

In the previous version of HivePay, we had multiple pages that 'popped up' when you did a transaction, everything is on one page now for a more seamless merchant and customer experience.

Merchants can also choose to place their logo on the top of the order forms as well, to help with company branding.


Full Documentation

We're a day or two away from having full documentation for our merchants as well. This will help everyone integrate HivePay quickly into their websites and we hope to have the most helpful docs you will find on any Hive based application.

We're big fans of keeping things simple ;)

Account History

Easily and quickly find all transactions for your account with HivePay, including any active subscriptions you may start. And you guessed it, you can cancel the subscription directly with a simple click of the button!

But Here's The Big One....

We've introduced HivePay SWAP!


We've wanted a super simple way to swap Hive in and out of Hive Engine for a while now, as a big chunk of our customers have stated to us how complicated things could be for them that are brand new to the blockchain.

So HivePay Swap hopes to keep things very simple and offer the lowest fees for swapping services on chain as well.

  • 0.20% for all withdraws and deposits

  • Liquidity statistics directly on the front page so you know how much HivePay Swap has in it's holdings.

  • Clean interface to keep it simple for users, stick in your username, choose to deposit or withdraw and click swap!

  • Fully integrated with Hive Keychain to keep your account safe!

We've also placed the average time it takes to complete the swap, and right now it's under 30 seconds from payment to funds deposited or withdrew.

We hope you guys love the new features as we continue to develop a full functioning merchant gateway for the Hive eco-system.

This has been a blast putting together and we'd love to get your feedback on how we could improve the service and features!

=> Check it out now at!


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This is great and for it charges lowest fee. Awesome

Thank you sir, and we hope it gets more people using all the different tokens for their online businesses too.

Wow! what happened, I love it. Simpler and with better rates. To have if it is generalized and used by stores, because I am looking for a photographic one where I can buy my toys with Hive.

HivePay can integrate into any website, online store or blog :)

hope that Hive Engine will add the ability for subscriptions in the future as well.

That would be totally amazing and open plenty of options for he tokens!

Yessir! Thant's the plan for sure!

The improvements to HivePay are great, and the interface is very attractive.
The Hivepay Swap really hit it out of the park. LeoDex was just not working for me, so I would use Hive and pay that full 1%.
Know my next swap will only cost .2% that is amazing!!

Yeah the most important thing was simplicity...We wanted it to be able to be used by anyone without requiring too much info. Simple and clean :)

Awesome project, will absolutely be using this in the future great to see everything coming together
Your Amazing.png

Hope so :)

Yes so :)
Let's go

you got this.png

Thanks for this new tool 👍
I'm made an introduction post of it for the french community.

Merci beaucoup :)

This is super exciting, finally an across the board replacement for the evil Paypal. It would be great to see mass adoption for Hivepay.

One more reason to rid the world of PayPal LOL

😳 HivePay?! Great Project guys. This is really competitive especially with the ultra low fees! But so far it is only for online shops right?

Thanks very much, glad you think so!

Nope, I mean anyone can use the SWAP...But HivePay (the IPN and script) is the Hive equivalent of sticking a PayPal button on websites, blogs, online shops etc...Not limited to it though :)

I accessed the swap interface and I honestly love how simple and interactive the interface is. So easy as claimed.

Thanks so much for the positive feedback, that's our goal for sure...Super easy to use and understand :)

I wonder when you will start having liquidity issues just like LeoDex and Beeswap. It just looks like something very common when HIVE will pump though.

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Almost guaranteed to happen but it's got to get built up...Slowly but surely :)

These new features are great. I will be using the Swap going forward. I prefer to pay the lowest fees available for moving Hive to Swap.Hive and back as needed.

Awesome man, if there is anything you think we can improve upon, let us know!

I just tested the swap mechanism and it is amazing! I love it <3

Brilliant :) Glad to hear and thanks for testing it out!

Just tested the new swap feature and it's awesome. Great for small to medium amounts!

Thank you sir, hope it caters to a wide market and they use it without any hiccups or confusion!

Your really doing a great job. Keep up the good work


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