Quick Update: Protecting CTP & It's Holders

in The CTP Swarmlast year

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Today we've got a quick update for you, and it's a good news / grumpy news kind of post...

First let's get the grumpy stuff out of the way. As you know, we've changed from the old condenser to the new Outpost front end for CTPtalk.com

And since we self-host basically everything, some of the features needed to manage our tribe weren't working properly since the switch. One of those features was the 'mute' function.

The 'mute' function is designed to stop creators who post on CTP that have nothing to do with our tribe. And while we hate doing this, it's become a needed feature to help protect CTP and it's token holders.

Just in case you are new to CTP, we think it's a good time to give a quick reminder of the content we accept in the tribe.

We are NOT strict, but we do ask for a few things to be in the posts:

  • Entrepreneurial content
  • Crypto related content
  • Online marketing / business content
  • Affiliate marketing content
  • GameFi / Play2Earn content
  • Personal development content
  • Success content

We try to keep this content first and foremost for the tribe and as you can see, it's still pretty broad. So we hope you can see, we aren't trying to bring the hammer down and keep it only on one topic.

However cooking content, photography content, soccer content and general content isn't what CTP is designed for.

If you feel like we have muted any account that you think should be included in CTP, just drop us a line in our Discord. We aren't in the business of taking away rewards from people. But we still want to make sure we protect CTP and it's content creators / holders.

O.k., that was the grumpy news....

Here's the good news!

We've added a brand new Gold Foil Legendary card for INDEX token holders!


Bila is our 6th GFL that we've purchased and begun to rent out.

The DEC generated by these rentals go to INDEX token holders every single day in the form of dividend payments.

As this brings our total to 6 GFL's we will continue to grow the SPS holdings for INDEX as well. Bila is worth 50,000 DEC air drop points!!!

Hope you guys enjoy the added DEC in your pocket every day!

You can always see everything that's being held in INDEX here -> HE-Index.io/Holdings


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I like #CTP.

You are welcoming to those who are follickally challenged.

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Oh man, we have too..Have you seen Jongo's melon???

Nice update and the new GFL addition is awesome.

Thank you sir! We're pretty happy with how our rental assets are accumulating for sure!

It's not an easy task to apply this mute function but I think it's necessary. There are really a lot of people who think that CTP is a generic tag that can be used for everything. I believe you still give a lot of liberty.

Yeah man, it's a touch spot cause I dont wanna be the judge and jury for content. But we need to protect the tag.

Time to buy more HE index and CTP tokens!!!

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Well...We're fans of that but VERY biased lol

That is a pretty broad list gotta do what's right for the community.
Great news on the new golden foil card.
Congrats, also loving the He-Index rewards.
Have an awesome day @ctptalk

Appreciated man! Slow and steady, we're build this up!

Your welcome, i understand absolutely we will.
I am working on some peeps to bring over just dropping to them slowly.
Have the best one bro

It isn't easy to mute users but I think its probably a necessary evil. Now that this has been solved, does this mean you are planning on that commenting contest? I recall hearing about it a few weeks ago on one of your podcasts.

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Yeah we're going to fire it up very soon...BTW you are leading the pack when it comes to commenting on the CTP tag lol

I wonder if someone will step up when it comes out and push me down. Either way I still think I'll make it to top 3.

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Yup I agree, everyone should re-blog this post as it spells out the rules for our tribe. :-)

Yeah, dont wanna come across as a dictator of content lol Just wanna protect our little side of the chain!

It is necessary otherwise it will just turn into a spammy menagerie 😃

Sorry...I just posted another of my Family History posts and have CTP set up in my template. I will make a consious effort to take it out of the next post I do for that topic.

As long as it's your business, it's more than welcomed.

Thanks for getting another card to rent out for INDEX holders. Growing the INDEX assets will keep increasing the value of the INDEX token.

We are eyeing a few more cards in the next week or two as well :)

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Would it make sense to add an "Estimated INDEX token value based on assets held" below the $ value of HE-INDEX holdings on the holdings page? People are dumping way lower than that value.