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Something we have believed in for years is that....We don't 'need' traditional social media.

Blockchain based social media has so much potential and we wanted to build applications and support ones that give entrepreneurs and content creators, true #web3 capabilities.

On Hive we have 3speak, instead of YouTube.

We have Peakd instead of Medium.

We have Liketu rather than Instagam.

And we also have Leo Threads (and the future Project Blank) instead of Twitter.

So today we integrated Leo Threads into your Veewing experience on Veews....


Now when you see some cool content on Veews, you have the option to share that content directly onto Leo Threads with one click!

Remember when 'Social Sharing buttons' where all the rage?

Well, it's time to share awesome content you see on Hive with ease and help spread the news :)


After you click the 'Share on Threads' button, you cam either click the Share on Leo Threads button provided or edit the text to your liking and then share to your heart's content!

Hope you guys enjoy the new feature. implemented by some great feedback from @taskmaster4450

Default Vote Percentage Added

We've also added a new feature found in your 'Settings' tab.

You can now select the default voting value you wish to give the content you find in Veews.


Of course, you can always use the slider and give the content whatever you wish, but this helps you keep things simple while Veewing.

More updates coming soon....

You can keep up to date with all Veews updates by clicking 'Updates' inside your dashboard!

Happy Veewing!

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Those are some great upgrades and Veews is so easy to use.

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Its a cool integration. will check out.


Updates already. Pretty amazing.
No real surprise though.

A fantastic integration that will see a new age of not only decentralised social media but news reporting. Fantastic

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It just keeps getting more awesome every day.


Awesome integration 👏👏👏

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Thanks for the update. Veews is getting a great responce from everyone all across hive . Looking forward to future updates.


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Those are some nice updates. I think the sharing button is good and integrates well with threads.

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I'm viewing this post in PeakD. I just realized I can't change my link to Veews and use that cool Share on Threads button.