Introducing CTP Tips!

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Tipping bots are VERY popular on Hive!

And rightfully so...There is something amazing about being acknowledged for your hard work and effort here on chain. It helps communities grow and makes people feel that they are valued.

It's time for the CTP Swarm to get into the tipping game and that's why today we are honored and very excited to announce:


CTP Tips is the newest tipping bot on Hive and if you have ever used these services before, you'll know how it works.

Depending on your stake of the CTP token, you can give out up to 0.5 CTP x10 times a day!

More on that in a second....

But first, how do you active the tipping bot?

!CTP is the prompt....And as long as you have a minimum of 100 staked CTP tokens, you can give out CTP tips to amazing content creators around the blockchain via comments on their posts.

How much CTP can you tip daily?

100 CTP staked = 0.10 CTP
1000 CTP staked = 0.20 CTP
5000 CTP staked = 0.25 CTP
10000 CTP staked = 0.30 CTP
50000 CTP staked = 0.40 CTP
100k+ CTP staked = 0.50 CTP

You can tip up to 10 times a day with CTP Tips as well!

What you will notice that's a little different with CTP Tips is that the notices that you have tipped or been tipped, will not show up on comments. They do however show up in your Hive Engine wallets on PeakD and CTP Talk:



We will be funding the tipping account through curation rewards and direct off market purchases by the CTP / ListNerds team to begin with, and down the road look at even more use cases for the token.

We hope you enjoy the new CTP Tips and hope this adds even more use case for the token!

Let us know, how we can improve our services to you :)


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Gift and tip CTP tokens to awesome content creators using the brand new CTP Tips Bot!

Stake CTP and use the prompt !CTP to gift tokens to your favorite creators!

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It looks like it paid off for me to have 5k CTP tokens staked as I can give out some CTP tokens.


Awesome man, thanks so much for the support!!

Wow thats a lot of tokens, cool.

Not quite following how to do this. I have 59.8 CTp currently staked on Listnerds (so obviously not enough yet). Do i need to transfer that back to hive when i hit 100 in order to participate ?

Or...Buy 100 CTP tokens and stake them ;)

This is a great addition to the token. It will be an incredible way to promote it. It would only need to give dividends in BTC to be my perfect token. 😎

One more use case for CTP :)

Oh! This solves my tipping problem. I want to give more tips, but my current tipping tokens are limited to just 9. I now have 1,000 plus staked CTP. So that would mean I can send a CTP tip 4x. I now have 13 tips to give per day. Great utility! 🤣 😂

Awesome to hear it. And we'll improve it too over time :)

I am in full support of tipping bots, this is a step forward for Listnerds and it is inspiring and motivating for me.

The whole tribe will hopefully benefit from this!


Thanks so much for trying it out!

Oh that's sweet! Let me give this a test run and I will write about it too later :)


Smooth and easy :)

Did it work though? Could not see it anywhere lol

Try tipping another account, I dont think the ctptips account can get tips.

This is cool! And the nice thing is that it works for posts that are out of the voting window and with posts that don't have the "ctp" tag. Some !CTP to you guys! And I'll go ahead share some with John Novak, he is the one the broke the news to me.

Appreciate ya man, yeah we hope it's smooth and works well for everyone!

Where does it need to be staked? On Listnerds?

Nah this is just for everyone on Hive Engine directly.


lol I have been doing it wrong not using caps.

Great stuff! What does that mean? lol

It means....Awesome sauce! lol


What If I have the ctp staked but delegated to one up curation?

Can I still tip. I guess we will see right here.


I will double check with @blainjones but doesn't look like it went through?

Yeah I don't think so.

Cool let me know.


CTP going balls deep on tipping! oh yeah!

ha ha ha ha only way to go!!

This is great! You know I'm a fan!

A tipping token with real value & use case.

CTP is the BEST!!



Awesome sauce...Your post spun the idea up lol So thank you!!

Thank you for making the token available for tipping. I'm glad I could inspire this event.

Is it necessary that I have CTP power exist on my account?
I have get it delegated. can I still tip?

Do it require post has CTP tag to tip CTP?

Yeah you would need your own CTP power staked :)

But any post can be tipped, just need to add !CTP ;)

I have stake in account "X", but I delegated it to account "Y".
So in this case who got tipping power , account "X" or account "Y"?

Same question for me. Who gets the tipping power?


Account X owns the stake therefore has the tipping power

wow its good to see the tipping system I have all the tokens delegated. Can I use the tip bot or should I wait for a part to be unsubscribed? !CTP

I'll double check to get the official statement on that from the mastermind :)


Awesome news! I love tipping bots haha !1UP

I like staked connection of the tip bot, which makes it unique. I mean this way it would not get into the "auto voter" category. And so it also serves the purpose of supporting the creator as well. I don't have much staked as of now but I am definitely going to stake level 1 of the CTP soon.

We hope people really enjoy it. Not as flashy as some tip bots, but we'll continue to develop it and make it awesome!


This is a great news so one have atleast 100ctp staked before one can access the command

Yup! Minimum is 100 to activate the prompt :)


Thanks I will try to buy more than 100 ctp

well we shall give it a try

try it with capital letters

oopps okay

Just giving an extra tip !CTP

Thanks so much

I see the tipping things all over Hive it is really cool that we can spread our CTP token all over the Blockchain. :-D

You will be my first test good sir lol


Thank you so very much :-D

Just giving an extra tip !CTP

Very much appreciated.

This is really cool guys. Now I know who "CTPTips" is who has been buying up CTP. The good thing is I bought a bunch of CTP in #ListNerds just before CTPTIPS did.
Timing is everything, lol

ha ha ha man, your timing was PERFECT lolol




Thanks for testing it out!!

The more you stake the better tips you can give. I like that.


Yessir, hope it slows people selling and wants them to stake even more.

Here my first test with !ctp thank you if you want to send me tip to check the operation (thanks to all those who send a !ctp)

To help you with !ctp and extra !luv & !lolz

A priest was arrested at a church
He was convicted for mass murder.

Credit: reddit
@pof.ctp, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @bonus-fr

Use the !LOL or !LOLZ command to share a joke and an $LOLZ

Great share, time to add some CTP.

How long is one minute?
It depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on.

Credit: reddit
@ctptips, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @brianhuang
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Let's give this a test 😁

This is brilliant! I can't wait to see what happens with the CTP token now. Up up up in value it will go! Another great reason for me to keep staking and stacking my CTP.

This is a awesome move to help distribute the CTP token to a wider group of Hive users. Let us know how it progresses. I will start using it.


I may be in the minority, but I like the comments on the tips. Some people don't know to look in hive engine so it's nice to have the comment bot. I think the PIZZA comment bot is a nice compromise, where it just comments once but updates that comment for every tip given out on a post, tagging the people with each update.

But at any rate, more tipping bots are always welcome. I had had an order in for 500 CTP but now with this announcement the price spiked. haha. Guess I'll wait till it comes back down.

But have some !PIZZA

I'm a huge fan of this bot not spamming the comments with their own annoying notifications.

Great work as always CTP team! :)

great idea


Oh, this is absolutely another great addition to !CTP

Thanks for the addition . I am starting to get used to it.
I was forgetting at first.
Keep on Rockin'

!CTP is a great idea.

Love this great addition
Good job @ctptips 😎

This is awesome! Glad I decided to stake some on HE a little while ago.
Thank you. 🔥

Just now I chwcknthe ctptip has upvoted my post and when I check the account, I come to know about the tips...
Thanks for the addition...

Awesome usecase for the CTP token. I receieved some tips yesterday.
Where is the soure of the tipped token? From my CTP wallet?

Interesting idea

I heard that I don't need to stake anything to give !CTP that currently the case?

Hi! Thanks for the video's on your site. I'm following these steps, and I really like your easy to follow steps!

checking if my stake on ctp counts or does the !ctp need to be staked on here?

Ah! That's how it works. Thanks!! Slowly but steadily.

do the ctp tokens staked on listnerds count? or do they have to show in my hive wallet?

guess we will see

Wow!!! Had no idea abotu this. Let me try this 1st 😎 !CTP

This is surely something to keep an eye on

Francis Dhomont!

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