CTP Grind Challenge - Day Nine - "Games, Games, Games...."

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You know how I can be reminded that I'm an 80's baby and a 90's child?

When I wrote that title, I was singing New Kids On The Block lyrics.

"Games, oh, ee, oh, oh, oh, games, games, games...."


No? Just me? Sigh....

ANYWAYS! My something new for day nine of the #CTPgrind challenge isn't something that is exclusive to TODAY but is new for me lately and that is sharing streams of me gaming! I had no idea how much fun that could be!

I've been running through a series of one of my favorite games (thanks to my husband who got me hooked!) and that is Final Fantasy 14.

The Final Fantasy series is one of his top favorite game series of all times. One day, several years ago, he just randomly said, "I wish you'd play this with me" and I replied, "I will" and his face lit up. He said, "Why didn't you ever before then?" and I replied "You never asked me" :D

Keep in mind we've been together for 20+ years....

The lesson? Communicate! haha but this isn't a marriage counselling post...trust me, you don't want that from me!

It's simply to say that when you step out of your comfort zone, even just a little bit, you'll be surprised what you can find that you enjoy doing. Things you never thought of before!

My next goal is to get my husband to stream live with me while we run some dungeons in the game. I've been asking him for a few days now and he didn't seem too excited at first but today he sent me some information on how to stream dual audio through discord.

That tells me...he's going to say yes!

So stay tuned for that!

Until then, have fun playing "games, games, games, games...."


 4 months ago  

Get him hooked on #Splinterlands next ;)


 4 months ago  

I'll try! LOL