Out Of My Comfort Zone, One Step At A Time...

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I'm super duper behind on my #CTPgrind updates....no quitting though, so here we go for day ten!

Last night I couldn't sleep. I'm guessing it's the insane heat wave we're having. My A/C was kicking in overdrive but it still kept me up. So...I did something that I haven't done in forever and that is...surf a traffic exchange! How very 2007 of me, I know! What can I say...I still hold a soft spot for them for whatever reason! :)

It dawned on me as I was clicking along...I wasn't seeing ANY ads for Hive! So I had an idea and today, I put that idea into action.

I created a list using my auto responder, a lead capture page using the Click Track Profit lead capture page creator, recorded a not-so-professional video on my phone and wrote a 5 part email series. My goal? To try to bring more people onto this amazing platform!

For the record, if you're a TE advertiser ...the market is bare right now when it comes to ads for Hive. So get on it! I probably surfed about 400 pages on several of the exchanges and I think I saw one ad for The Hive Guide and that is it.

Obviously, I'd love to build a list out of this but to me, that's just the icing on the cake - people need to know how awesome Hive is and that is my main goal.

It's never easy for me to do videos. Ever. Originally my capture page was just going to be a simple squeeze page but I realized that I needed to take it one step further to catch attention and that is to create a video talking about Hive.

Stepping out of our comfort zones can be incredibly scary but sometimes, it's the only way to move forward! What was your "something new" for today?


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 4 months ago  

You are a very brave person to go surfing those things LOL

BTW, that squeeze page is epic!!!!


 4 months ago  

Haha thanks! 🙃