It's Crypto Mondays - The Passion Episode

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Tonight was a wake up call...

Not only for everyone watching this but also for my own journey on the blockchain!

And as @elianaicgomes stated....We might need to watch this a few times each week to kick our own butts LOL

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On Hive you can be yourself!

Man this is such a nugget and I think that is why I got hooked in the first place.

 2 years ago  

Yeah no pressure to try to put a filter on my selfies here LOL

while I agree that people should think long term with their coins, I don't think people selling and buying on hive engine is a bad thing, volume and activity correlate in my opinion, the more people sell and buy the more activity there is on chain

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 2 years ago  

that's a fair point, i would much rather people have long term vision tho. the volume can be tricky as we need more people in the ecosystem

Thanks for sharing this great information. We all need to be reminded and get a good kick in the butt!!!

 2 years ago  

Always good to get a kick in the butt...Even if we are the ones doing it to ourselves LOL

I don't know if everything pulled out but I do enjoy the commenting (maintained for like 2-3 months so far). But I do think I might dial it down a bit to give myself some more time to myself away from the computer.

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 2 years ago  

Sometimes it's good to slow down and take a break...That being said, I'll sleep when I'm dead LOLOLOL

Not the best advice, I know lol

no plan B

Maybe that's what people need more of. To stop treating crypto as a hobby.

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 2 years ago  

That's me now...No looking back LOL

Congragulation great information for incoming days