The Road To 10k CTP Tokens - Community Is Still King!

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We talk about it a lot on CTP!


It's not just a buzz word we throw around lightly. This is the DNA of our tribe!

We breathe it. We live it. We love it!!!

And we're HONORED and HUMBLED that you are a part of it!

Thank you for adding to my favorite feature of the week...I appreciate the time you spend watching and engaging with me on The Road To 10k CTP Tokens!!!

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From 5,400 to 5,600 CTP in stake today. Reaching the 10k stake value seems realer by each passing day.

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Awesome man!!

Wish you nothing but continued success :)

I am almost at 100 CTP tokens so almost 1% on the road to 10k.

Is there any unofficial date for the new front-end for CTPTalk? I always feel a little bit weird using the other front-ends for @amr008's engagement event because the commenting speed is slow compared to LeoFinance.

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No set date yet, but as soon as we have it I'll announce it. It's super close. We were showing it off in our mastermind zoom meeting last night :)

CTP has been holding up in value very well compare to many other second layer tokens.

It seems to be the little engine that could...always moving forward :)

The CTP Power Up Challenge is a great success. More than 50 people are staking CTP in this challenge and there will be quite a lot of people getting closer to 10K CTP :-). The great thing is that more and more people join that are new to the community and like that the Swarm is growing :-)

So awesome man...What a project and what amazing support for it!

All over the internet, you get invited to join groups. Whether you want to do trading, affiliate marketing, blogging, or whatever...there are always groups. Once inside the group, you get told to build your own tribe...or your own list...etc, etc...

But then you join the CTP community...and maybe that's the difference. The "community" part. It's not just another group! It's really a community, where people actually care and support one another.

I agree...And it was so important for us to build that culture here.

Everyone wins together...That's the mission!

Well, whatever it is that you did to build that culture, it worked and it's still working! Job well done!

Only 525 ctp to go and then I’ll reach the 10k mark. Just a little push

The dollar value of that 10k is awesome too, should be around $750 now.

That's amazing man...Massive congrats!!

CTP community together, strong! 💪🦍

ha ha ha ha nice movie reference

Thanks for praising me ;) lol but seriously without support from you and other I don't think the project would have had such a good start .

I believe its the engagement which adds more value to the forum / platform but is severely undervalued . I am really happy the users are taking it well and will try my best to keep up the momentum .

Have a great day ahead :)

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You are the man around Hive at the moment, my friend, your 4 tribe engagement initiative have got people noticeably engaging more with decent comments! I can't wait to add to my SPorts delegation with a CTP, Leo and Stem delegation.....but not till after this current staking competition is over LOL

Thanks a lot. This made my day to be honest.

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Congrats ,you were upvoted from this account because you were in Top 25 engagers yesterday on CTPTalk .
You made a total of 2 comments and talked to 2 different authors .
Your rank is 12 .
For more details about this project please read here - link to announcement post
You can also delegate and get weekly payouts.

Nah man, you are crushing it. Appreciate everything you have been building!

Massive assets to the blockchain!

 3 years ago  

Totally agree! Community is the King, and without it, this blockchain wouldn't even exist... Yes, there are some drama, but it's always like that in the family... :)



It's the real human experience...You have to take the good bad and ugly...But it's real...And I think that's the biggest strength!

Community is King, that is why every business in the world went stampeding over to the social media platforms. In the very near future there will be a huge rush for the blockchain social media platforms.

I truly believe that as well...And I think we are so early in the game right now for all this!

Just surpassed 8k CTP (woot)! It has taken a while, but it's adding up. Slow and steady. Stack and accumulate. 10k is on the horizon. Still a ways off, but it's there.

That is awesome man! So well done!!

There definitely is something to be said about the power of community. I think we take it for granted sometimes, but we see it exhibited time and time again. Both in the real world and online.

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So so true!

It makes people feel a part of something truly unique and special.

For sure!

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true that Community Is King and I like the way you go through each and every comment and reply though video. Great one Jon

Thank you sir!

Yup, been enjoying these sessions with everyone for a long time now :)

Hi Mom! I'm on Jon's Road to 10K again!!
It's never too much to say that Community is King and Engagement is Queen!
What a great time to be alive and kicking on Hive!
Lot's of cool stuff going on on my beloved CTP and so happy to see more eyes in our little great CTPTalk world!
Enough of this under the radar stuff, let's hit them right on the bull's eye! lol
Thank you, everyone, and CTP to Pluto 🚀🚀

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It has been a great week so far Hive and the entire block chain. I think you and Blain chose the right time to re due CTP front end as I think things are going to start to expand in rapid fire in the next few months. Keep up the great work.

Absolutely. Perfect timing it could be...Just need to make sure it gets launched ASAP and people see our big vision for this stuff

Nice one keep it up

Thank you kindly!

Yeah. You're welcome

An innovative community!
It's amazing to see CTP bringing affiliates and online marketers into whole new territories. Alt-tech and crypto is the future for our industry.
Thanks, Jon

Thanks for the comments sir...Yeah the rest of the industry will wake up soon enough :)