Thursday Night Live - People Over Everything!

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Tonight was quite an adventure....

I was almost VERY late for the stream but managed to get online only 5 minutes late....Details are included why I was late LOL

But then we got into the good stuff :)

Treating people..Like people. And not just names behind a computer screen!

And let's be honest...We can't WAIT for @LeoFinance 's micro blogging platform because we are having a BLAST over at Noise Cash!

Be sure to follow us so we can all get used to 'micro blogging' with crypto...We think it's going to change SO MUCH!


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Have to stay patient but so much going on its easy to pass time than wait until project releases. Somethings there is just so much going on I forget when things come out and get excited all over again when I see it lol.

 last month 

LOL Happens to the best of us. Things get launched, we're so excited and then...Bam...Another cool thing launches LOL

I like the idea of set and forget. It would definitely save time for people. I also lose time doing unproductive stuff during the day and I should also fix that. I should also follow the "delegate or delete" tip yu have.

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 last month 

It's helped me so much...Cleared up my time throughout the day and allows me to focus on what matters.

This was full of nuggets today. Loved the welcome mail that you read :-).

 last month 

Dude, it blew my mind. So awesome to get that in my inbox.

I loved every part of this presentation. Act and lead by example.

 last month 

Thank you kindly! Glad you found it valuable....Going to go a little deep in today's blog post about it too :)

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Sweet, thanks very much :)

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