The CTP Breaking News .:. Pilot episode

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As always, just a short clarification about the video(s)... The idea is to create a series of funny videos, but focused on the CTP Swarm and promoting the same... Maybe in a little bit different way, but I would say, the interesting one...

I hope that there will be no hard feelings... :) This series is made for fun purposes... :)

Links and people mentioned in the video (please follow them and check their content)

Crypto Mondays webinar - 26.10.2020.
Complete version with after-party


Thank you for your valuable time,


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Any unauthorized exhibition, distribution, or copying of this film or any part thereof (including soundtrack) may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution. The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious, or not... :)

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▶️ 3Speak

 27 days ago 

It looks that "the thing" is some magic word... You got dozens of upvotes on this comment by mentioning it... Maybe that's the "thing"? 🤣

It's happening!

BREAKING NEWS about the Breaking News...In an impromptu Zoom meeting, Blain Jones stated that he has hit a road block with the thing and doesn't know what to do next. I think he went to take a nap for inspiration.

 27 days ago 

What? Another block? Or we are talking about the same one? I hope that he will solve the "new thing" that are stopping the "old thing"... :)

The thing is, this thing is the thing that will make everything better, so things have to be done one thing after another.

 27 days ago 

Exactly! After the thing, there will be a lot of other things... :) There is no growth without the thing :)

Haha.. Zoltan releasing the trailer before Jon and Jones release the movie.

 27 days ago 

Trailers are great promotional tools for movies... :) And they don't reveil too much about the movie... No spoilers in this one... hahahaha

You got me soo excited... lol. What will the thing be???

 27 days ago 

Sigh... I thought that you have watched the video more carefully... You will KNOW that it is about the thing... :) :)

Ahh thanks zoltan (@ph1102) for reminding me. Now i just need to convince or confuse my boss to allow me to take naps when i am stuck while coding :-)

And yes, there is always 'the thing' for not saying any thing :-)

 27 days ago 

I think that you should have a conversation with your boss about your new discovery connected with naps... You can't work 8 hours without at least 2 naps to solve 2 problems... at least... 🤣

I thought they killed the Thing many years ago in the movie. So maybe this is Frankenstein Thing or Grandson of Thing, We just won't know until the Thing arrives.

 27 days ago 

We will see soon... Stay tuned... :)

 27 days ago 

Lol that was funny Zoltan, exactly like Blain minus the Dew.

 27 days ago 

Thank you... Yeah... I just repeated the highlights from the webinar :)

Breaking news about "The thing". lol

 28 days ago 

The thing is coming... Be prepared... 🤣

 28 days ago 

ha ha ha ha the THING is coming!!!!

 28 days ago 

...and it's coming...

He's creating a Mountain Dew home delivery app! Of course, everyone needs some Dews 😁

 28 days ago 

We don't have this in Spain... I hope that there will be free delivery to EU!

 28 days ago 

So, wait, is this about the "thing" or about THE thing? ;) 💚

 28 days ago 

Everything will be revealed soon... Please be patient and stand in the queue... :)

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