Tuesday is HiveChat Day!

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Twitter is one of the favorite social media platforms of the masses... Yes, there is Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, but Twitter is somehow the one that shakes the most the web... There is censorship on all of the platforms, and as centralized platforms, they aren't thrilled when you promote some "other network"... There is no difference with Hivians also... They like to tweet around and promote our Hive blockchain on Twitter...

As it is so popular among Hivians, there is an event that is held every Tuesday at noon GMT on Twitter which is named simply, #HiveChat... It lasts one hour, it is hosted every week by different Hivian, and in that timeframe, the host asks 5 simple questions about Hive (and not just Hive), and others reply on them and engage with each other...

Maybe it looks a bit complicated, but it's not... It's pure fun... :) Today, the host of #HiveChat was @jongolson, and he asked help from CTP Swarm members to spread some hive tips in that event... Of course, @pixiepost and I have accepted the offer and jumped on board... Yes, I said that it was fun, but this time, it was 1 task more (we had to tip people while #HiveChat was on), while we have to answer questions, reply to others, upvote them and engage... It was fun, but it was a bit tiring and stressful...

This wasn't my first #HiveChat that I have attended, so I know what is going on... :) And I would like to suggest everyone try it, as you will meet some awesome Hivians outside our (CTP Swarm) community, and you can learn a lot of great things from others... Also, you can contribute to the community with your answers on the questions as they are very often in form of possible ideas on how to improve Hive, and what are the problems that we should fix...

Check out the video for more interesting thought about this awesome event

In the end, I would like to make an update of my current numbers (September 22th, 2020 - monthly target 85%) on #MyHiveGoals:

HIVE POWER - 16,834 / 20,000    84.17%
CTP POWER - 126,309 / 150,000   84.21%
HIVE Followers - 335 / 333      100.60%   --> GOAL REACHED!
LBRY Followers - 1068 / 1,500   71.20%

The goal that I was the most "scared" I have reached the first... I remember that last year when I was doing my yearly goals, I didn't reach my HIVE followers goal... That is probably the hardest goal of all (except LBRY followers, which is the same thing, but a different platform), as it doesn't depend only on me and my work... But, on the other side, it depends on that... It depends on the effort to make changes in the content and tweaking it... And also, it directly depends on the number of engagements... and not just number, but the quality of the comments and value...

Join us in this awesome #MyHiveGoals and let's grow together! You can find the original post about the challenge by @robwillmann here: https://peakd.com/myhivegoals/@robwillmann/new-challenge-myhivegoals-set-and-achieve-your-goals

Thank you for your time,


The link to my initial post is here

These are my initial (and starting) goals for 2020 on June 1st, 2020 and this #MyHiveGoals Challenge

HIVE POWER - 12,092 / 20,000    60.46%
CTP POWER - 98,148 / 150,000    65.43%
HIVE Followers - 222 / 333      66.67%
LBRY Followers - 648 / 1,500    43.20%

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Phew, that was a rollercoaster! or a tweetcoaster or rollertweet!
Anyway 😆...Thank you Zoltan and @pixiepost for the hard work and teaming up with @jongolson in this week's #HiveChat adventure!
Proud of you all everyday 😊

It sure was a whirlwind ha ha. It is one of the fastest hours of my week. 😂

Glad you could be a part of it, Sis! We appreciate your support as well. 😊

Love ya! 💚🌼

Well, Jon was doing all the job... We were just clicking on the TIP icon... :)

Thanks for your participation... See you in the next one...

Thanks for a great video @ph1102, and it's great to see Hive promoted and explained to others, you and Pixie made a great job with the Hivetips too, thanks for sharing, it's awesome.

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@flaxz - Admin/Curator

This post is AWESOME!

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The goal of this project is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Hive ecosystem by rewarding it".


Thanks for the pick, Mr. Awesome! It was an honor representing this awesome CTP Swarm!

You did an awesome job! It was a fun time! Let's do it again next week....looooool KIDDING 😂😂

Stay awesome! 👍🙂💚

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@pixiepost - Comment Moderator

The goal of this project is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Hive ecosystem by rewarding it".

Hahaha... I will be there next week, but not in the same role... lol

Nice work.We all appreciate your effort.

Thanks, Saachi! It was a bit stressful but worth it! :)

It was a great teamwork with you @pixiepost and of course @jongolson and it was fun to participate. I'm happy I reactivated my twitter account to take part in it.

...and I'm happy that we can communicate there too! And promote this awesome place!

Thanks for your participation!

It was great to have you as a part of it, Achim! :) Thanks for reactiving Twitter!! 💚


Be a product of your product...And I think Hivers do that very well.

Exactly... We didn't do anything "out of our range"... Just showing the "real HIVE community"!
Thanks for hosting the #hivechat! You did a great job!

Dear #HIVE Owner @PH1102,

On seeing your video regarding "HIVECHAT", my PH level has increased rapidly to infinity......(PH = POTENTIAL OF HIVE)!

Thanks for boosting up our spirits, #HIVE Owner.

#HIVE FIVE FROM INDIA TO MOON, Mr. ZOLTAN FORGACS(What a majestic name this one is!)

Thanks for your comment and kind words!


Hello #HIVE Owner,

Heartfelt Welcome, Sir.

It was such an amazing time! It felt good engaging with the #Hive community & tipping them! 💗

Every time I take part in this event, I always end up meeting someone new or interact with someone I don't normally have an opportunity to with. It is pretty awesome & as you, I definitely recommend #HiveChat to everyone, even if they just take part in it one time. (But they most likely will return. 😊)

Yes, I am pretty tired too ha ha. Naps are mandatory for me afterwards. But it is so worth it..

Great job @jongolson & to you Zoltan! 🧚‍♂️🔥💗🙌

Oh, yes... the after-party can't take place directly after #HiveChat is finished... We all need a 2-3 hours rest to continue with our daily tasks... lol...

It was "intensive"... let's say it like that... lol

Thanks for your continued participation in #HiveChat... You are one of the OG's there ;)

Great Vlog Zoltan @ph1102 did not know about this will try and make the next one have an awesome day bro

Thanks, Ben... Every Tuesday at the same time... (almost always :) )

Awesome Zoltan made a note of it thanks

Great video description for #hivechat and it was such an awesome program. Its certainly an opportunity to connect with more hive owners. Thanks for this wonderful video @ph1102

Yes, it is a great place for meeting new people!

Thank you for participating in #HiveChat!