Autumn as a fact. Part 3

in Photography3 months ago

Did you know that you need to be able not only to shoot, select and process photos, but also the ability to look at them correctly is also an art? In my opinion, any picture, regardless of genre, should be viewed first out of focus, from afar, in general. And if your eyes are caught by some colored spots, lines, geometric shapes, then you can already go to the next step - examine the photo in more detail.

And then the genre can have an impact.

If this is an ordinary landscape, urban or natural, it doesn't matter, I try to mentally walk around the place depicted.

If I see any objects, then I try to mentally touch them or feel their smell, taste, sound...and any other sensation.

And there are pictures for which there is only the first stage of viewing - superficial. These are graphics.

But I would still assign the second stage of viewing to the graphics.

It's called "break your brain!"

First, you look from afar at color and light spots, and then you try to examine in detail plans, shapes, lines, texture.

But this still applies more to the graphics that I call monotonous.

But what to do with beautiful graphics or close-ups?

Most likely, the close-up is for informational purposes, that is, with the help of the image, you can mentally feel the leaves.

And monotonous has a brainwashing character.

It turns out that the pictures in a series of posts about autumn as a fact are arranged like a swing in the way of perception.

You are constantly jumping from brainwashing to mentally groping for leaves.

Maybe this way you can feel the difference in the frequencies at which these images are located.

All photographs, except for the reportage, are a creative experiment.

In principle, I have a division of work into hobbies, and they do not coincide at all, as it might seem from afar to an ordinary person. I want to talk about this separately.

To be continued...


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