Between light and dark-5

in Photography4 months ago

Before one of the walks, I tried to turn off my mind, my thoughts as much as possible with the help of music, mood and certain actions. It turned out so strong that all day I could not concentrate on anything at all.

This is a strange condition. It seems that you are still the same person and the same world surrounds you, but you begin to see and feel everything in a different way. You begin to notice those things that you do not pay attention to in the normal state. And the most important thing is not a state of altered consciousness, as is the case with drug addicts, but, on the contrary, its clarity and purity.

This is a connection to a different frequency! And so you can do it at least every day without harm to health and psyche. You just need to tune in, listen to music, do certain actions (give up alcohol and cigarettes, walk down another street to work, drink tea instead of coffee, do not eat sweets in the morning...and other different keys).

So about space. It is better not to go to such a strong extreme before taking a photo!

But this experience was definitely useful and I tried to capture something. I am sure that this state will remain in the photographs, although they turned out to be not quite professional. (Photos in this post do not apply to this state).

There is a scale with plus and minus, where plus is the spiritual frequency, and minus is the material frequency. So if you are going to plunge into an unconscious photographic creative state, then it is better not to go to the very edge and leave a little (minus) mind.

It is better to save as much space as possible for viewing finished photographs in order to immerse yourself in that walk again.

I experienced such states before from the very childhood. There is written evidence of this in notebooks and diaries - there were attempts to fix conditions different from everyday ones even before the beginning of the photographic path.

That is why I do not regard photography as the highest art, but more as an instrument of self-knowledge or as a conductor into space, an amplifier of sensations.

For some, such an instrument is music, which is created by looking at interesting pictures.

But for me, on the contrary, the inspiration for creating pictures comes from listening to music.

And all this (music, photography, drawings, prose, poetry ...) is just a certain set of vibrations that enhances his frequency in a person, helps him to travel through the dimensions of consciousness.

Prayer is also ordinary physics, a set of frequencies. A picture is a combination of geometric and color-light spots, which together are an element of amplification of any frequency or act as a conductor.

Why do many people feel something from icons? And some even from pictures or from music. Yes, it's all so simple that it seems to me that everyone should know.

So this triviality also works in photography!

I often mention the word matrix or system.

This is also a set of certain components, only not of one particular element, but of our entire world.

Yes, this is a much more complex code that is available for understanding to units ...

But that is why we are here to come to this.

P.s.: everything written above is not some kind of truth, the highest essence. This is just my personal opinion, my vision of the world, which I came to myself, with which you can disagree.