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Chekshino is a village in Sokolsky district of Vologda region. The administrative center of Dvinitsky rural settlement. The population is more than five hundred people.


The village is located on the shore of the Shorega River.

I told you about the dugouts. It remains to show what the outbuilding sector and courtyard spaces are like.

Baths, barns, private pigpens –everything is in abundance!

I sometimes feel uncomfortable with such structures, that they deserve attention as well as dugouts and the atmosphere among them is not worse.

But these are still not dugouts...

But with triangular roofs!

But they are more common than dugouts...

But they are also atmospheric!

And they are also made of untreated wood, which I have loved for many years, starting with visiting abandoned villages.

So I'm photographing the dilapidated and abandoned because of the natural textures?

I have already been convinced many times that it is necessary to photograph spots, as this is the basis in painting.

The courtyards of Chekshino reminded me partly of Leskovo.

And the block with outbuildings looks like a Kadnikov.

I still can't understand why there is a reference to some place every time.

I always want to feel a unique source code that is unlike anything else.

But each time, each place looks more and more like something previous.

So be it. Even if I remember something, it's good too.

The main thing is that I like what I do.

I live by it.