Dugouts in Chekshino. Location 2

in Photography2 months ago

In the second small cluster of vegetable stores, there was an unsuccessful light from a lantern. The dugouts here are located along the main street on the hillside.


They are interesting because some of them look like barns, made of timber or logs.

There are only ten structures in this place.

The ideal lighting would be at the blue hour in spring, when the grass is just beginning to turn green.

During the shooting of the dugouts, I have already learned not only to find them on the map, but also to distinguish the types.

Triangular dugouts always look smaller than any other, and they almost always stand in one or more rows in an orderly manner.

Square sheds above the cellars are most often located chaotically.

Well, the most aesthetically pleasing, and, accordingly, vegetable storages with triangular roofs are preferable for shooting.

The most mysterious and rare are the real dug–out cellars, dug into the ground or built with the help of an artificial mound.

To be continued...


what a beautiful winter!
although I'm already looking forward to spring.