Dugouts in Chekshino. Location 3

in Photography2 months ago

The most atmospheric location and the best in the world is located on the outskirts of the village, not far from the same Shorega river. Here the dugouts stand in two rows.


All the underground places can be classified according to the atmosphere and the sensations from them.

I have not yet figured out how to create a classification and how to organize everything, but something is already starting to build into a certain algorithm.

To begin with, I have such thoughts that there are three initial state codes, different both in physics and in mentality.

Something always reminds me of Ananyino, something of Sosnovka, and something of Ermakovo. And there was never a reference to other places.

It's like these three places are taken as a benchmark. But is it really so? Somewhere there is still something similar to a Molochnoye, and Kubenskoye generally has its own unique code.

Therefore, I have not yet figured out in what key to break down and organize all the sensations from the dugouts and places in general.

Chekshino is similar to Ananyino, but only in location number three.

In the first location, I could not draw an analogy with any place at all, which means that a unique state code was created there, which is not similar to anything.

Although, strangely, In Ananyino all the dugouts are square, and here they are triangular, but in this place I immediately thought of Ananyino.

And the fact that the very first thing came to mind is true!

All other logical thinking is the work of the mind, not the soul and subconscious.

An amazing place, Chekshino, one village can bring so much joy!

There are so many posts about only one dugout – it means that the place is not easy and there is something to tell.