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The second time I'm going somewhere far away in a terrible snowstorm! It's scary to drive, but it's a pleasure to walk in such a place! Who will say that it is better not to stick your nose out of the house – dress according to the weather and there will be pleasure, not suffering.


Kipelovo is a settlement in the Vologda district of the Vologda region.

Vologda is about 50 km away.

A railway runs through the village, but as always I am interested in outbuildings, which this time are located on the outskirts in a fir forest.

It is a very atmospheric place among the fir trees and unusual: basically, everything is in the field or by the river.

The hope for dugouts collapsed, but I was also satisfied with the stables with baths – after all, they are also made of wood.

As I have already found out, I have a love for the texture of old wood, otherwise how else to explain the desire to shoot dugouts, baths, sheds and stables.

As well as abandoned villages, dilapidated multi-apartment wooden houses and trees in general.

A snowstorm makes the picture soft, but it's still cloudy weather, which means the whole lighting scene will be like day or dusk.

In cloudy weather, there is only one difference between day and night – this is the blue hour. It will really be blue, but when it gets dark, the pictures will be like day again. See for yourself.

It is impossible to do anything else here. If you darken the frame, there will be too many gaps in the shadows and the plot will become incomprehensible in general.

If the white balance is taken away into the blue, then the plot will also lose its relevant and truthful atmosphere.

In cloudy winter weather, street lighting decides everything!

In general, Kipelovo is boring. Only the spruce forest with outbuildings pleased me. But to be honest, I didn't go anywhere else.

It's because there's nothing to see here...

At least there's a height difference...or a river...Nothing...