Smartphone photography 2022. Part 5

I want to combine a heavy camera with a set of lenses and a lightweight compact smartphone - what is in the middle? Most likely it will be a compact digital camera. It has a wide range of focal lengths and is functionally like a SLR with all sorts of manual settings. But...


I will most likely never switch to such a photographic device and will suffer for life.

Suffer in terms of wearing a heavy SLR camera, a telephoto lens, several spare batteries, and sometimes a tripod.

But I will be absolutely sure of the quality of the resulting image!

There are already special cameras for street photography, there is already an excellent night mode in smartphones, but it still falls short of the requirements that I declare to the equipment.

Even when I was still shooting on film Zenith, I already had a set of lenses with me (20, 37, 50, 85, 135 mm), which I constantly changed depending on the plot.

Smartphones perfectly implement an ultra-wide angle, which you can only dream of on SLR cameras.

But a high-quality telephoto lens has not yet been invented.

And without a long focus, I can't imagine a photo.

The viewing angle of the human eye is quite wide and, it would seem, in order for the photo to be as natural as possible, you need to shoot at 24-35 mm.

But why do I see spots? After all, looking into the distance, I can focus on distant objects, and mentally cut off everything that is near.

It just turns out something like a long focus.

But the ultra-wide viewing angle is already a purely technical solution that is inaccessible to our eye.

Yes, we see almost 180 degrees, but the whole picture is not perceived, because we are constantly focused only on a small segment of the entire field of view.

From all of the above, it follows that for now I will remain with my classic set of equipment, and the smartphone will remain only an addition.


the quality of the cellphone is very good, my friend, maybe it's a cellphone sometimes