Smoke Alarm

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Believe it or not, this might be marginally better than yesterday. I estimate the visibility at up to half a mile or so, and while it's hard to breathe, I feel less difficulty. Maybe I am just getting used to clogged lungs, though.

There should be a lone mountain visible roughly in the middle of that shot if the air were clear. Imagine a rounded dome of rock, mostly covered with evergreen trees. Beyond, in the distance, a long chain of peaks past a wide valley when the air is clear. Right now, though, everything vanishes into this brown cloud.

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It’s slightly better today than it was yesterday. I watched it roll in like fog on Friday.

Oh dear, hope you're a safe distance away D:

There have been a few fires within a 15 mile radius. One was knocked down fast. The others are not headed this way. I am somewhat concerned about the idiot neighbors who are still zipping around through the woods and scrub on ATVs. Their machines are new and apparently in good repair, so I don't anticipate sparks getting spewed, but it still strikes me as reckless.

Impresionante, en realidad la contaminación esta acabando con la naturaleza. Lo estoy compartiendo en mi cuenta.